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  • Published September 29, 2010
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Getting back with your ex can be done smoothly and effectively if you plan your actions, break them down into well defined steps, and follow through. Here you will learn one of the steps that work well. It's about how to contact your ex to start building a bridge to your successful reunion.

There are many ways to contact your ex effectively, but this one has its superiority over others. I'm talking about writing a letter. It's very powerful, here's why ...

First of all, writing a letter may be easier for you to express yourself as opposed to doing it face to face. You don't worry about how to behave and act, and therefore you're relaxed and focus on the content of your letter.

Secondly, it's easier to organize your thoughts because you have no time pressure when you write a letter at your convenience. You are less likely to forget something important you have to tell. In addition, you can think of many details and structure them the way that they are easy to understand and even easier to be forgiven.

When you write your letter, take your time. It doesn't have to be done at once. The best approach to that is to select a time when you are inspired and want to talk to your ex sincerely. Your thoughts will flow smoothly, and you'll be able to express yourself the best possible way. So don't rush yourself.

Give it a couple of days even weeks and come to your writing when you are at your best. You may want to repeat your writing from the beginning, and later by comparing your work, you'll be able to select your best thoughts, coming up with irresistible to your ex message.

Don't forget to include your expressions about how much your ex means to you and how much you care about them at the end of your letter.

You may want to choose to write it by hand. This will give the letter a personal touch feeling. If you send it by mail, do it by courier to make sure your ex receives it. And of course, give some time to your ex to read it and think it over. If done correctly, the letter will have a heart melting effect, setting a stage for quick forgiveness and happy reunion.

One thing you should be aware about is that your letter can be read by other people, too, and it's normal. Your ex needs support from other trusted people. Therefore, make sure everything you wrote is true and sincere. The words coming from your heart have exceptional power that will bring your ex back in no time.

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