Military Divorce Lawyers Staunton VA:Marital Residence


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Military Divorce Lawyers Staunton VA:Marital Residence

For most couples in Staunton or Waynesboro Virginia the family residence is the highest valued asset to be divided in their divorce. This one item is usually fraught with controversy for varying reasons: it may be difficult to value, is not readily converted to cash in this economy, costs a substantial amount of money to maintain property in Staunton Va, and has implications of federal and state tax liability.

As if you do not have enough to worry about, your family's emotional attachment to your family or vacation home in Staunton Virginia, can cause you to make an irrational or poor decision while going through a divorce in Virginia. If you decide poorly, your family may be haunted by it for years afterwards.

To eliminate future woes, take a moment to think over these Frequently Asked Questions of Family Law Attorneys in Staunton Va.:

  1. Should you sell your family's home?

  2. Should you keep it until the children are grown?

  3. Should you keep it - buying out your soon-to-be-ex-spouse?

  4. Can either of you afford to keep it after the divorce?

The sale of the home and the division of the net proceeds frequently occur well after the divorce. You'll need to plan for the payment of household maintenance and upkeep during the period during and after the divorce is final in Staunton Virginia.

At first glance, the family home appears to be the easiest asset to identify and describe. For purposes of a divorce, the description of your ownership interest in your home and other real estate can be quite complex- with financial implications and pitfalls for the unwary.

If you have more than one property in or outside of Staunton Va, gather necessary documents and records about each. Make sure to gather the documents for all the property in which you or your spouse has an ownership interest, not only for the property titled in your name. Don't overlook or omit any property that you own in either of your names alone, own jointly with another person, or any property owned by a trust or business in which either of you have an interest. Key Factors regarding property division in Staunton Va and Augusta County During a Divorce

The rules and laws regarding the division of real estate vary from state to state regarding division of personal property. Consult with your Divorce lawyer in Staunton Virginia about your states rights and responsibilities.

There are five main key factors about your real estate that affect the handling of the asset or the distribution of the net proceeds from the sale of the asset in a divorce. These factors are:

  1. identification of the type of real estate and the type of ownership interest you have in the property 2. ownership history of your real estate 3. real estate, income and capital gain tax liabilities 4. debts, such as loans and tax liens, secured by the real estate the value of the real estate 5. the payments for maintaining the real estate for the period during and after the divorce

Your Divorce Attorney in Staunton or Waynesboro Va. will share with you the ins and outs of division of property during a Divorce in Virginia. You will be able to openly explore all the options available to you, and to come to a decision, perhaps several times.

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