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  • Published December 6, 2010
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Child support is one of the most important issue in family law, and Tennessee child support issues are no exception. You need to be sure that you have a very good Tennessee child support lawyer if you are going to be dealing with Tennessee child support. There are things that you need to know about child support right up front in Tennessee and what the Tennessee support laws consist of. Most people do not realize that most child support laws are fairly fixed, and they do not take into account what you or your ex`s actual child-related expenses are.

Most of the states look at only a few factors but you will find that if your Tennessee child support award takes into account only:

How much you make.

How much your ex`s makes.

How many children you have, and

How much time the children spend under each parents control and care.

A court may consider expenses extraordinary however this is the exception, not the rule, although it does not happen all the time. If a child is taking dancing lessons, sports lessons, or other discretionary extracurricular activities, in most states they take this into consideration when awarding child support

The court does not really care how much rent you pay, how much your mortgage is, or how much you have to spend to live. They only care about your income, how many children you have, and how much time the child spends with each parent. People do not understand why they require the parent to fill out their life history and complicated income forms and expense forms. Why do they have to know what you pay out if they are not even going to use them. I guess they have never changed the way they did it when they did things different ,but you still have to fill them out.

They do take into consideration to the above rule which includes the cost of day care if it is required while they are going to school in an effort to crate a better job opportunities for themselves. In this case the non-custodial parent will often be ordered to pay part or all the child care expense. The same holds true for medical insurance and medical expenses, if the children are not insured by the custodial parent`s employment, then the noncustodial parent may be ordered to pay for medical insurance for the children.

These exceptions may not apply in your Tennessee family law matter and will depend on different factors, you should get yourself a qualified Tennessee lawyer to check out your options and rights. You should contact a Nashville divorce lawyer, if you need to find a Tennessee child support lawyer.

When you and your exs are fighting over money especially with respect to child support it can cause the most damaging family law cases of all- and the fights are especially damaging to the children. In the end, it is just money. Try to remember what is more important to you- money or your childrens well-being, and the relationship with your children. How much would you pay to see your child happy, just think about this. On the other side of child support if you are fighting over child support in front of your children how much damage are you willing to expose your children to when their parents are fighting over how much who will pay for them.

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