Divorce and Custody Cases Where Family Lawyers Are Critical


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  • Published February 12, 2011
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The following article is intended as an informational piece only and does not constitute legal advice. People in need of legal advice should consult with an attorney.

When individuals in the Riverside area find themselves involved in divorce proceedings, they will need the services of a good Riverside divorce lawyer. Domestic violence can also be a part of the reasons for divorce, complicating an otherwise straight forward divorce case. In these particular scenarios, the victims or those wrongfully accused of domestic violence will definitely want to seek out a Riverside Domestic Violence Attorney.

Divorce is hard enough without the complications of domestic violence. Assets have to be sold or split up. Children must be given custody and visitation considerations so that neither parent loses out on his/her rights. Sometimes false accusations of domestic violence arise in this emotionally charged environment. This can be done to gain advantage in the divorce outcome. A good domestic violence attorney will be needed to clear the name of the wrongfully accused.

Once a divorce is finalized and children are involved, both parents become limited by certain California laws. The one parent is not simply able to pack up and move away from the state if he or she has primary custody of the children. This could deprive the other parent of visitation abilities. Because of this, even when both parents consent to one of them relocating, a Family Law Judge will have to approve the move away of the parent. The best interests of the children are always the primary considerations in approving a move away. The judge will look at such elements as how far away the move will be, the parents' ongoing relationships to each other, the children's ages, the preference of the child, the amount of time that a parent not in custody spends with the child, and the reasons for the move.

Sometimes the parent who is giving support payments will need the ability to change the terms of the support. This is referred to as a modification. As circumstances become altered for one of the parents, the law in California will allow for final order modifications. These typically affect either support or child custody orders. Among the factors that can cause a modification to be issued are a parent losing a job, a parent or child becoming disabled or ill, one parent remarrying, or a parent leaving the area. There might also be criminal activity or drug abuse, another child born, a loss of a job, or even the discovery of other marital assets involved. Modifications definitely require the assistance of a capable family rights attorney.

Even parents who were never married to each other will have rights and responsibilities. Proving who the father is will require a Paternity ruling. This is more than just having a person's name on a child's birth certificate. It can involve paternity tests to determine if there is a DNA match of the potential father's genes with the child. Because these tests are able to be challenged and have never proven to be one hundred percent accurate, an unmarried parent will require the services of a good lawyer like Deller Family Law. To learn more about this law firm's services and experience, simply log on to their website at dellerfamilylaw.com.

our Riverside Divorce Lawyer is able to develop strong and effective arguments that protect your rights. Having a dedicated, powerfully persuasive and vigorous Riverside Domestic Violence Attorney at your side takes away some of the anxiety

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