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  • Published February 9, 2011
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Many people are now being scammed by someone who claimed to have loved them with all their heart. Such a scam could be over money or any other possession that actually made the perpetrator mastermind the scam. Identity theft is increasing by the day and from just affecting commercial houses and banks, such theft has now taken a hold on individual families across the country.

The most prominent form of identity theft is where one person claims to be divorced. The person claiming to be divorced in reality would still be married and may be working in cohorts with his or her partner to scam the new person. If you think that you are going to fall for someone like that and safeguard yourself, then it is time that you learnt that divorce records of every state is now made public and as a member of the public, even you can access these records to protect yourself.

You would also have to know that these records can be accessed free of cost by directly logging on to the government’s divorce records database. Since this particular service is absolutely free of cost, there is always a heavy web-traffic onto this particular web server. However, you can now find the same information through paid sites that have direct links to the government’s database.

The fee charged by such commercial sites is nominal and the connectivity is pretty fast in comparison to the government’s site. The retrieval time taken by such commercial sites are definitely faster and the cross referencing of each record in connection with other relevant records is better.

When searching for information about a divorcee, it would be best for you to brace yourself for all other kinds of information that you would find. The divorce records in such databases and commercial sites not only give you information about the divorce, but would also give you information on arrangement of child custody, if the person is known for domestic violence, if there are any active restraining orders in his or her name, and any other criminal cases under which the person has been booked.

All that you would need to find necessary information about a person is the name, age and the city or state where the person filed for divorce. With such little information, you can now open a huge can of worms.

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