Divorce and its Impact on Society


  • Author Dave Buckley
  • Published May 28, 2011
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Divorce is an issue that regrettably affects all Americans; it has become a staple in our society. We are more surprised when a couple stays together for more than twenty years than we are disappointed when a couple gets divorced after one year. Our society has become so accepting of divorce that more and more couples spend the time before their wedding planning for the divorce, with pre-nuptial agreements and the contract talks that go with it.

The affects of divorce on society can be felt by all of us even if we are not personally involved with the divorce. Think about it; the children of divorced parents are more likely to drop out of school at an early age which in the long run will put a burden on society and they are also more likely to have behavioral problems like trouble involving the law which also affects society. There is also an economic impact that divorce has on society, most couples are a two income family when they split and one is left with the children. In low income households this will cause the spouse with the children to have to rely on state and government aid to survive on one income. These are some of the arguments that people have so they can try to pass laws that would make getting a divorce more difficult to obtain, and while the above statements are true would staying together solve any of those problems.

It is true most divorces affect society in one way or another whether good or bad there is inevitably going to be a ripple effect. Does that mean that a couple should stay together regardless of their feelings and what is going on in their personal life just to appease society? For all the articles and studies about the affects of children of divorce almost every statement could be said about a child living in an unhappy home. With parents arguing and sometimes even becoming violent can have harrowing effects on the children in the household and that would inevitably affect society.

As a society we need to change the way people view marriage not divorce. Teaching our children that marriage is sacred and not to be rushed into or taken lightly, this would have a much bigger impact on society than any changing of the laws.

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