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For those living in the Atlanta area and considering or seeking a divorce, the assistance of an Atlanta divorce attorney may well prove to be invaluable. The court system is often a complicated process, requiring the timely and proper filing of documents as well as a set of rules and procedures that may seem utterly foreign to those not well-versed in the system. However, with the assistance of an Atlanta divorce lawyer, a couple considering divorce may be able to successfully navigate the system with an aim toward a result that is cost-effective and fair.

Seeking a cost-effective divorce

Divorce in Atlanta and across the nation has a reputation for being expensive, both in terms of money and of time. However, it does not need to be that way. There are cost-effective solutions to the dissolution of marriage that are often not only beneficial to one's pocketbook, but also beneficial to one's mental health. That is, a cost-effective divorce is more likely to lead to an amicable divorce than one in which money becomes a central problem.

The most common example of a cost-effective divorce is an uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, the spouses have already come to an agreement to dissolve the marriage - sometimes even before one spouse meets with an Atlanta divorce lawyer. This agreement may also be broad in nature; that is, the couple has already agreed to many of the issues that can become troublesome in a divorce, such as property division, spousal support, and child custody.

If a couple has not reached a broad agreement on these issues but still agree on the divorce itself, divorce mediation may be possible in an Atlanta Uncontested Divorce. With the assistance of a divorce lawyer in Atlanta, the couple can sit at the table together and come to a resolution on the issues in dispute without the involvement of a court. By not involving a court, divorce mediation is often not only much less expensive, but it is often more predictable and less stressful as well.

Seeking a fair divorce

Often times, a divorcing couple may disagree as to a number of issues, and what seems fair to one spouse may not seem fair to the other spouse. If not handled properly, this could put an otherwise amicable and uncontested divorce in a long, complicated court proceeding. This would mean that the underlying issues would be decided by a judge, who has no relationship with either spouse and who may not have a good understanding of the personal issues involved.

But with the help with an Atlanta divorce lawyer, it may be possible to seek out a fair divorce. This can be done through divorce mediation, allowing both sides to negotiate with one another to achieve a result that is to the mutual satisfaction of both parties. An Atlanta divorce lawyer can then reduce the agreement to paper, as well as identify any potential ambiguities that if left unresolved could lead to costly litigation in the future.

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