The Fear of Death and Dying


  • Author Charlene Lacandazo
  • Published September 20, 2012
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There is probably one single experience that is the greatest equalizer in the world; it binds people together, in order to understand and practice the letting go process – and that is through death.

We all know that people die only once. However, it is unavoidable and there is no escape to prevent this ultimate situation in human lives. Actually, most people are afraid of death and the actual act of dying. Thanatophobia or fear of death is not an unusual phobia for people. We all know that death can be terrifying and unpredictable; thus, it is more likely to trigger feelings of anxiety, worries, and fear. In some ways, you can therefore argue that thanatophobia is not actually a ‘real’ phobia, as it is a perfectly rational response to a very real danger.

Although today, many human activities are being tied to religious beliefs, including a human being’s death, but the truth still is nobody knows what really happened when we die. After a person’s death, be the time of his or her joy may have come, meeting God in person and embracing the person’s loved ones who passed away before him, or maybe that’s the time of God’s punishment to us, and that we’ll be missing our family and friends in the world. Nobody knows the exact thing that will happened to us after our death!

All these kind of thoughts are the main reasons why fear and worry of death is commonly experience by people. It is true that not everyone, however, faces death with fear, but still death need preparation, and thus acceptance. Death comes at a certain point of human life, but there are possible solutions in order to fully understand what life is all about.

Mental Health professionals are the most likely to be capable of definitely giving the right medical help to the patient. One thing is for sure, one of the effective ways to deeply understand about life and death is to boost your religious faith. It may be true that no religions can save you from dying, but they will help you to accept and be prepared to meet death. Thus, it somehow gives a person comfort from the fear of dying and death.

Talking to someone about death is helpful in some ways. Knowing the fears and feeling of other people about death is healthy for people to understand and realize that death is natural to everybody. However, accepting the reality about death may not be easy for people, and whether or not to seek treatment for any phobia is very personal decision, but overcoming your fear would be likely a heavy load that will be lifted from your shoulders.

In life, we should know that life is precious and yet, simple – we breath, we live, and we die. Death is all the ending of every life, and thus we need to treasure our life every moment. We owe our life to the Creator, and at some point in life, we need to return it to him. So, enjoy life, treasure it!

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