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  • Published May 15, 2019
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Human mind is the hub of free-flowing thoughts, views, emotions and opinions and owing to its versatility and volatility, it is bound to tilt towards, and favour a specific range and pattern of thoughts for a longer period but then, such thoughts can get solidified under the cloud of prevailing circumstances and / or other social or professional factors.

However, negativity or pessimist emotions are more likely to get an easy flow into any of the cells of the brain and if not get abandoned easily, such are likely to be detrimental to our neural structures that are the key to control our emotions, memory and feelings. Further, this is all because of our negative bent of mind that our robust Samskaras are being constituted, which are simply the general perceptions and emotional reactions, which we reciprocate under given circumstances. Clearly, when our mind is tuned for repetitive negative thinking, such a devastating phenomenon give rise to stress hormones in a large number and our brain starts working upon a more negative bias.

But, as a mark of good omen, there have been provided a range of virtuous ways going through which negative thoughts can easily be submerged with due course of time and our samskaras can be

Spot Negativity And Shoot It Down:

As per acclaimed Yoga experts, negative emotions such as anger, anguish, hatred, greed, jealousy, lust etc should be identified right away and such negative aspects of human thought-pattern need to be eliminated straight. Under the auspices of Yoga, mind gets clean and pure and the sequential process of thoughts should be observed carefully while only positive and encouraging ones should be allowed to settle in.

Besides, considering oneself as inferior to other and negative tendencies are pretty common to human psychology. But from the noble prism of Yoga, such is attributed to "Asmita" meaning "I-am-ness", which is again due to our "Ahamkara" referring to ego.

Clearly, self image what we perceive about our own self is always erroneous and such incorrect considerations lead to inferiority and hamper our efforts to progress further in life.

Hence, as an antidote, we have been blessed with several Asanas such as Balasana (Child Pose), Sethu Bandasana (Bridge Pose), Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward Facing Dog Pose), Halasana (plough Pose) etc which are all targeted to our own self-refinement and also help reduce the negative feelings of ego and strengthen positive vibes for our overall development.

Be Calm, Remain Composed, Take Deep Breaths of Gratification:

In simple words, complacency must prevail in our lives and we should always accept the circumstances as they unroll before us and try to cope with them with underlying gratification to all those around us. In Yogic philosophy, perfected way of life rides high upon contentment by virtue of which negativity can easily be checked and eliminated when we learn the art of embracing the unpleasant circumstances by being strong enough to deal through them with innate courage.

Certainly, such a strength is developed through affection and when we love and cherish the characters around us and find and realize positive and noble dimensions in their personalities, we ourselves tend to feel energetic and more propelled towards the realisation of ideal way of life, at length.

Likewise, our inner self should be timed in such a way that gloomy considerations should instantly be tuned into positive feelings, i.e. that of hope, enlightenment, peace, positivity and of love.

Check For Lifestyle And Re-Assess Outlook:

We need to reckon our though pattern carefully. This is mainly because of the fact that a host of negative thoughts simply invade our mind at regular intervals. For instance, guilt, anger, anguish of the past failures or unpleasant events, some sort of humiliation that has gone out of control, pessimist outlook,

Meditation Holds The Key To Peace And Happiness:

Not mincing words, but it seems impossible to banish all negative sensations felt, in one go, but still eminent yoga mavericks attach immense significance to meditation and have come up with scores of asanas to facilitate meditation easily. In fact, with meditation practiced regularly, all of draconian thoughts can be programmed to seek early end gradually. In beginning meditation enables us to verify the scale of negative though process and nip and tuck our mental integration is strengthened and so is our concentration, whereby we feel energized enough to shift focus away from unwanted gloomy thought patterns.

However, as people have varied personalities that are shaped by the lifestyles that they opt for, it is crucial that they make careful selection of certain meditation practices that are best suited to them, under the esteem guidance of acclaimed yoga Gurus. For instance, there is Jape Meditation by which those who plunge into gloom perpetually can seek startling benefits. Then, we also have Metta meditation meant as an antidote for high degree of free flowing negativity in a stream. In same manner, there are hundreds of yoga practices which are clearly defined and are classified as an anti-depressant and anti-stress and with continuing practice and with a check on our lifestyle, dreaded virtues of depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress can be cured in a precise way.

I am yoga teacher spiritual practitioner teaching yoga and meditation and Ayurveda since 20 years, and ruining yoga school in rishikesh and around the world.

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