Smart Techniques for Dealing with Stress


  • Author David Baker
  • Published October 19, 2018
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Did that guy just cut you off on the highway? Is your boss acting like a jerk? Maybe it’s your better-half, or even your beloved children who are being spoiled brats. If only there was some magic way to eliminate all of the stress in your day, you could be such a happy individual. They may not be supernatural, but a few techniques do exist to prevent and work through taxing circumstances on a daily basis. Whether it is knowing how to recognize a traumatic situation before it gets the best of you, you can make sure that you always stay one step ahead of stress.

Some of the best coping mechanisms for stressful situations, such as going jogging or playing the drums, will start to come naturally every time you feel anxiety building up. Simply pick a hobby that you can spend time doing on your own. Every time you start to grow frustrated, you can make that one action as your release. Some people write song lyrics or poetry in order to blow off steam in a healthy method Over time, you will unconsciously depend on this to stop you from punching a hole in the wall. Spending time scribbling in your journal is certainly better than losing your temper, making a fool of yourself and paying the high consequences for your foolish actions.

A smart method of how to deal with stress positively is to start out with some minor situation. Do not wait until you are stuck in a traffic jam on the highway to try some type of new breathing technique to relax your body. Test it out at home while trying to cook a new meal or figuring out how to log onto some frustrating website in order to pay a small bill. It also helps to identify one major stressor at a time, such as the annoying telephone system at your office that frequently hangs up on your clients. Once a stressor is targeted, you can be prepared to deal with it and be better suited to overcome it.

When it comes to how to deal with stress at work or school, it is always important not be afraid of failing. If something doesn't work, simply take note of what went wrong and try another method. Use all of your failed attempts as lessons learned, as well as stepping stones towards triumph. Feel free to express yourself with family members, friends and coworkers, rather than let any stress build up inside of yourself. Finally, you should experiment with your possible solutions to stressful situations in order to figure out what works the best. If experiencing trouble falling asleep at night, you should try listening to music one evening. The next night, attempt to pass out by watching some old television shows, or do a little exercise routine before bed. Before you know it, you should find one or two techniques to successfully put you to bed. Then you will sleep like a baby. When you wake up, you will look and feel half your age.

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