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  • Published December 19, 2013
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Car insurance is required for all cars in the UK -- not carrying a policy can mean hefty fines or even court appearances. Worse, if you're in a car accident you will have to pay for damages out of your own pocket. Your Ford Mondeo won't cost as much to insure as a high-end performance vehicle. Still, the amount of money that you pay in premiums may increase if you have a model with bells and whistles. If you want to save the most money on insurance, purchase a base model Ford Mondeo; these models are known to carry lower insurance costs with most insurers. Car insurance for your Ford Mondeo can be paid monthly, or in one annual payment.

What is a Base Model?

A base model Ford Mondeo is usually the least expensive model when brand new. The vehicle comes out of the factory with all of the safety features that you need, but no GPS system, upgraded audio system, or other improvements that are nice to have but not necessary. The engine on a base model is usually a bit smaller than other models as well, so you can't reach the maximum speeds afforded by higher specification cars. A base model Mondeo also offers low CO2 emissions. Because your base model won't be as attractive to thieves and it may not drive as fast, your insurer sees it as a lower risk to insure. This translates to lower premium costs for you.

What About Insurance Groups?

All cars in the UK are assigned to an insurance group between numbers 1 and 50. Determined by the Group Rating Panel, the insurance group reflects how expensive the repairs and replacement are for your particular car. The higher the number, the more expensive to repair the vehicle. While the insurance group assigned by the rating panel is only a recommendation, your insurance company is likely to use it to guide your premium costs. Ford Mondeos are not all placed in the same group, since there are multiple models. Base models tend to be in groups as low as 7 -- even the models with the most amenities are only in group 28.

What if I Add Modifications?

If you add modifications to your base model Ford Mondeo, your insurance rates could increase. Engine boosters, flashier tyres, and other changes that make you car more likely to be in an accident are bound to make you a bigger risk to an insurance company. Always report your modifications, because your insurance company may decline a future claim if you don't. On the other hand, security modifications like a tracking device may decrease your premium costs, so you should also report these changes as you make them.

Can My Rates Increase?

Your base model Ford Mondeo rates can increase for more reasons than just adding modifications. The premium assessed by your insurer takes into consideration factors like your driving record, the amount of mileage you put on the car, and where you park it at night. Just because you have a base model, then, doesn't mean you can maintain a low premium. If you submit multiple claims for accidents or you move to a postcode where more accidents occur, you can also see an increase in your insurance costs. For a more complete understanding of what makes your rates increase, contact your insurance company directly. You can also read the terms and services document associated with your policy, which may name specific things which will either increase or decrease your premium rates.

A base model car usually offers lower insurance rates. Still, car insurance for your Ford Mondeo will depend on more factors than just the model you purchase. To enjoy the lowest premiums possible, maintain a positive driving history, park your car in a locked garage overnight, and don't take it on long road trips on a regular basis. Your base model may also be a diesel or petrol model, and each have different premium schemes. You are apt to pay more for a diesel engine, even on a Ford that has few amenities above the basics. Bear that in mind as you select the car that you want to purchase and insure.

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