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  • Published December 20, 2013
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When it comes to the threat of vandalism, it's less a matter of "if" than a matter of "when." The sad fact is that vandalism is quite rampant in the UK. Although the criminals who cause the damage are more than willing to inflict their pain on vehicle makes and models across the board, they seem to have a particular penchant for damaging a particular kind of automobile. Naturally, you should have automobile cover anyway, but if for no other reason, the portent of vandalism is strong cause to make sure you have sufficient car insurance for your BMW.

Statistics Tell the Truth

Don't think it will happen to you? Do you believe that, as long as you avoid dodgy areas of town, your prized vehicle will be spared from the humiliating and heart-wrenching experience of spiteful damage? It's a pleasant dream to cling to, that everyone who beheld a machine of beauty would appreciate the art form it reveals in motion. Unfortunately, the reality is that, as the kids say, "haters gonna hate" and ill-raised people do express their resentment and bitterness through spiteful attacks on other people's vehicles.

For owners of cars boasting precision German engineering, the reports are particularly disheartening. Data gathered over many years demonstrates that the Ultimate Driving Machine is often the Ultimate Target for vandalism.

In 2011, four models from the Bavarian Motor Works made the top ten list of the most vandalised types of cars in the UK. That means that of all the cars in Britain that were targeted for damage by criminals, cars specifically from this maker suffered 40% of all the aggregate attacks.

In 2012, criminals widened their nets to attack a greater variety of makes, so fewer Bimmer models were prime targets. Yet, two kinds kept honored positions on the Most Vandalised list: the 3 series in slot #10, and the X5 in slot #4.

The most recent figures, reflecting findings for 2013, show that this year is no exception to the long-standing trend. However, positions have changed, and in this case, being the most popular is not necessarily good news. Figures have revealed that the X5 has shot up to the top spot, now holding the title of the most vandalised car model in all the UK. And in the number two slot? Its sibling, the 3 series.

Luckily for owners of the BMW Z series, that model has fallen off the "most vandalised" list since 2011, when it last made the list.

Sound the Alarm!

Does this mean you should ditch your coveted coupe? Not at all. It does mean, however, that stepping up the vigilance would be a very good idea. Installing an anti-theft device that is also effective against potential hooligans who edge too near your vehicle could prove helpful. But, the proliferation of car alarms has inured many to their noisy calls. These days, when such alarms ring out, neighbors are more likely to angrily demand the car owner snap off the sound, than look about for suspicious behavior in the area. Still, sudden loud noises do tend to scare off those who are about to cause harm to property, so these alarms may prove effective. Car alarm systems can also help get you a discount with your insurance coverage, so if you have such a system installed, be sure to mention it to your cover agent.

Find out what requirements your insurance company demands for covering vandalism damage to your car. Could it be proved that you did too little to prevent the vandalism?

Do you regularly park your car inside a locked garage or secured area? Do you enclose your vehicle nightly with a car cover to protect it from the elements, including the human elements? What other precautions do you take to responsibly protect it from harm? Whether it's a brand new BMW Z series model or a treasured vintage model, are you doing all you can to keep your car in pristine condition?

Keep Your Guard Up

The good news is that, overall, the amount of vandalism crime in the UK does appear to be plummeting from where it was before, dropping dramatically six years ago, again four years ago and once again at the close of 2012. Despite that encouraging news, don't let your guard down, because your Bimmer could very well still be on your local vandals' prime hit list. So, contact your carrier and confirm the level of cover you have arranged with your car insurance for your BMW. Then consider how else you might better protect your vehicle from those who would bring it harm, and take whatever steps you can to keep it safe and sound.

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