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  • Published February 25, 2020
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I recently published "Girl Let's Read Your Bible Notes" which is for sale on Amazon. Many people were shocked when this was published and when the sales sky rocketed.

I, Nicolle Stinson, have been questioned, how could this have happened. My answer? God. Although I continue to hear doubt from many, I decided that sharing my testimony and my calling may encourage and explain and possibly benefit another.

So here goes.

My Spiritual Journey:

Hello, my name is Nicolle Stinson, and here is the story of my spiritual journey. I live in upstate New York and have lived there all my life.I am a wife to a wonderful man. I am a mom of four grown daughters and one 5 year-old daughter. I currently work in web development from home. My husband works full time and we enjoy camping together in the summer and are very active in our local church and in our community.

My Youth:

I grew up in a home that didn’t speak of church. I was introduced to Jesus through a church group in school and accepted Him as my savior. My childhood was troubled from the age of 11, however, as my parents divorced and my mother worked most of the time. One day, at one of the church groups at school, a church worker had told me I hadn’t colored my picture well enough. That was the beginning of me believing the lies of the enemy. I began to be very insecure and believe I wasn’t good enough. As my teen years came, I covered my insecurities with partying and boys.

Finding Jesus Again :

Into adulthood: I had four children, 3 failed marriages and thought a successful career would prove to the world that I wasn’t a mess. Still, I felt empty. One day, while I was working an overtime shift, my babysitter took my children to a church youth group and they came home excited. Over a few weeks their excitement became contagious and I ventured into the church. That was it. Jesus grabbed me by the heart and my prodigal journey ended.

Another prodigal journey:

I soon learned that sin can sometimes have a very firm grip on you. I gave in to the enemy again and did not fully surrender to Jesus. Another decade came of abusing alcohol, drugs, my family. I even hurt members at church. I was hurting people because there was so much pain in me and I couldn’t make it go away. Rock bottom came. I agreed to unethical decisions in my career in exchange for a large monetary bonus. I told myself it was ok since no one was getting hurt. The end result? An arrest. Public shame. Guilt. Days of crying out to God because I had no where left to go.

God called me :

One day, I had been up all night and had decided to walk with my 3-year-old to the convenience store around the block to get her breakfast and myself a coffee. The store was right past the church. As I was walking past the church, something made me stop and I clearly heard "Go inside". I was so tired from not sleeping I simply shook my head and tried to keep walking. I took another step and again heard the voice as clearly as the last time, "Go inside". I said out loud. "I can’t. And again, I heard "Go inside". I then told my daughter "We have to go in the church". She just happily agreed. I went in and felt so welcome and peaceful. I made amends with each person I hurt and my prodigal journey ended that day.

Since then I have had an undeniable hunger for God’s Word. I have a new found understanding of His Word and my walk with Him is new and I am finally free.

On Christmas Eve, I was called to ministry. I was not sure at first the type of ministry as I was just given "return". After much prayer and contemplation, I am now aware that I am called to exhortation, the strong encouragement of women to return to God’s Word and return to their walk with God.

I have since, started a women’s ministry to read and study God’s Word together over a year and encourage each other along the way. This ministry grew to 1700 members in under 2 months time! Praise God! I also published a Bible journal that prompts you to journal your thoughts each day while reading your Bible. This is not something I would have ever imagined doing. God has been moving in my life each day since I surrendered to Him!

My Spiritual Journey Leads to a Pursuing Life Coach Certificate at CLI :

I find myself more and more joyful each day, waking with a desire and hunger for God. I also have a new found love for encouragement. I now have words for others that I have never had before. A Life Coach Certificate from CLI will be beneficial to me as it will further help me in my dream and hope for others to be ever uplifted in their walk with the Lord.

Reflecting God in My Life:

pray each day for God to open my heart and open my eyes to His will for me. I am living my life for today and with great hope for the future. I know God will provide all that I need and CLI will be part of my path.

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