Highlights from IMX 2023: A Milestone For Global Music Industry Collaboration

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  • Published February 6, 2024
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SHANGHAI, January 08, 2024 – The 3rd annual International Music Expo (IMX) concluded on a triumphant note, running from October 19th to November 10th, 2023. This year’s event united hundreds of industry professionals and musicians from across the globe through a unique blend of in-person and digital experiences, further cementing its status as a pivotal event in the music industry calendar.

IMX 2023 Key Highlights

Total Weibo Topic Views: 5,695,422

Online Interactions: Over 15 Million

Countries and Regions Reached: 62

Participants: From 62 Countries

Musicians Performed: 1,392

Content Broadcast: 10,260 Minutes

Industry Forums Held: 119

Masterclasses Conducted: 18

Workshops Organized: 15

IMX 2023 marked a milestone by integrating online and offline modes, significantly increasing its global influence. It attracted 342 industry leaders and 1,392 artists from 62 countries, not only cultivating new partnerships and numerous business opportunities but also introducing innovative perspectives and technologies in the music industry.

Focusing on four critical themes—The Future of Music Copyright, The Future of Music Technology, The Future of Music Business, and The Future of Music Creation—IMX 2023 hosted a plethora of invaluable forums, workshops, masterclasses, performances, and debut events. IMX 2023 brought together artists, technology innovators, business leaders, and experts passionate about music from across the globe, creating a dynamic and inclusive environment to explore the evolving industry landscape and transcend boundaries in the global music industry.

IMX 2023 Overview

Innovative Forums: 342 guests discussed 119 trending topics, driving the industry towards new possibilities. These dynamic discussions shared the latest knowledge and successful experiences from the global music scene, creating a melting pot of ideas and solutions.

Masterclasses: 18 sessions led by renowned music professionals offered insights into creativity, technology, and industry trends. This initiative established a robust foundation for knowledge accumulation and skill development, empowering attendees with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of music.

Workshops: 15 “Music+” workshops explored the convergence of music with culture, technology, art, and business, delving into themes such as spatial audio, women in music, healing through art, and more.

Online Music Feast: A record-breaking 1,392 musicians contributed to the rich tapestry of musical genres, artistic expression, diversity and cultures at IMX 2023. Each night of the expo were more than just performances; they were a vibrant showcase of the world's musical heritage and contemporary creativity, resonating deeply with attendees and online viewers alike.

Offline Performances: In collaboration with Bandai Namco, Blue Note, Billboard Live, DDC Dusk and Dawn Club, and Yuyintang, IMX 2023 presented 22 diverse performances across Beijing, Shanghai, and Aranya, showcasing a rich cultural tapestry of musical genres.

Live Streams: Achieved 15 million online interactions, highlighting IMX's significant digital footprint in Chinese music market. This level of engagement was further amplified by media report readings, which impressively surpassed 33 million, reflecting an unprecedented level of interest and engagement from audiences.

Expo Highlights

Spatial Audio Workshop: At IMX 2023, World Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance, Huawei Music, and RSS Audio collaborated to present spatial audio workshops and master classes, featuring a high-definition spatial audio experience area.

Music Market: The IMX Music Market served as a nexus for diverse youth cultural communities, uniting creative "music explorers".

“Women Are Also Good”: "Women Are Also Good" united 10 talented female musicians at IMX 2023. In collaboration with "GorgeousPlanet" and "Thousand Generations," IMX orchestrated a unique all-female musicians ONE TAKE performance.

Traditional Chinese Music Showcase:  A special showcase of Chinese traditional music highlighting Chinese musical heritage and emerging talents.

Global Partnerships and Future Directions

IMX 2023 showcased the music industry's innovative strength and potential, highlighting the importance of cross-industry collaborations and technological integrations. As a platform for global music practitioners, IMX fosters a vision of an interconnected music universe, transcending traditional boundaries.

About International Music Expo (IMX)

Founded in 2020, the International Music Expo (IMX) is a premier global platform dedicated to fostering innovation, collaboration, and evolution in the music industry. As the singular event for music industry professionals in China, the world’s 5th largest music market, IMX presents an unparalleled opportunity for professionals worldwide to establish new partnerships and business opportunities. For artists, IMX Showcases offer a spotlight to artists worldwide, serving as a gateway to gain exposure and monetize their talents in the burgeoning Chinese music market. With its pioneering hybrid format of offline and online experiences, IMX stands at the forefront of reimagining the music world, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking, learning, and showcasing talent.

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International Music Expo (IMX)


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