Nuke in Da Boyz kills thousands

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  • Author Donna Jindstadt
  • Published January 30, 2024
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On January 4, at around 9:50 AM, a nuclear bomb was dropped on the border between Duoville and El Goblino which has killed an estimated 50,000 people. This is due to the raging conflict between the three countries of Floptropica, Sloughttopia, and Da Boyz which has been nicknamed 'Badussy war V'. The war has been going on since August 2023 and started between the Da Boyzian region of El Goblino and the newly independent country of Sloughttopia and later involved Floptropica and the rest of Da Boyz.

In the days prior, 4 warnings were sent by the Sloughttopian government to the Da Boyzian government regarding what would happen if they continue their actions. The most popular of the 4 announces the production of nuclear weapons and warns Da Boyz to stop or else Sloughttopia would have to result in using them. The next day, Da Boyz was removed from their occupied territory in Sloughttopia and many elite Da Boyz were arrested and/or deported to Da Boyz. The day after, Da Boyz dropped it's 1,000th documented bomb on Sloughttopia.

This alarmed the Sloughttopian government causing them to use their last resort. Many people think that the appearance of Jiafei in Sloughttopia may have been related to the planning of the nuclear weapon's use. Soon after, they dropped the nuclear bomb on the border between the two cities. An unknown, but estimated 50,000 people died within 20 minutes with most of their bodies almost vaporizing in the fire ball.

The previously distinct cities (the slums of El Goblino and the city of Duoville) were both unrecognizable and looked the same, like a barren wasteland. Both Sloughttopian and Floptropican officials say that this is what was needed and is only the next step of destroying the Da Boyz empire. While many people think that the queen of Sloughttopia, Queen Keni I is being too harsh with her much smaller bombing of the capital city, Gigopolis. In contrast, Da Boyz are still confusingly confident in themselves and continue to bomb Sloughttopia every few hours.

Flops are pushing the hardest punishment on Da Boyz since 1878 and despite their corruption and nose diving economy, the UFN council has decided to hold a court meeting to decide whether or not Da Boyz should be temporarily removed from the UFN (United Flop Nations). This would cause them to lose even more economic support which would sooner or later, cause the fall of the the Da Boyz Empire, exactly what Sloughttopia, Floptropica, and many other nations want. This would eliminate communism in the Flop Islands.

The main reporter for all Sloughttopian news outlets. Born in Minajaji, the current capital city of Sloughttopia (at the time of my birth, it was a normal city in the Floptropican island of Slutubya), I am very famous in the Minajaji-Samoflop area due to my constant appearance on television and online. Samoflop times -

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