Filing Your Uncontested Divorce Papers No Longer A Hassle


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  • Published April 18, 2009
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Divorce is one challenging situation for spouses especially if they have small children. It can cause emotional stress and even trauma for the kids in the absence of a strong support system. But going through this phase and settling everything need not be burdensome to both parties. This is because divorce papers can already be conveniently obtained online and spouses can represent themselves in court even without an attorney.

Websites offering divorce kits have been sprouting on the internet lately. The goal of these sites is to help lessen the stress experienced by divorcees and make it easy for them to file their uncontested divorce papers without having to do so much legwork. By choosing to file an uncontested divorce, spouses can save themselves a huge amount of money and time they would otherwise spend if they remain hostile towards each other and hire their respective lawyers to represent them in court.

An uncontested or no fault divorce is the most ideal way to end a marriage with dignity and privacy. It is less expensive and even allows couples to keep their peace of mind. For this reason, couples who decide to finally end their marriage should remain friendly towards each other and if possible, set aside their differences while going through the divorce process. This will benefit not only themselves but the entire family as well.

By using the uncontested divorce kits available online, spouses can organize and prepare the necessary papers on their own without having to get the services of an attorney. When complete and filed properly in court, the divorce can be granted in only a matter of 30 days. These divorce kits were actually made by lawyers themselves who specialize in settling divorce cases and they’re very easy to use. Instructions and questionnaires are included to guide spouses in using the forms.

Various options are available when spouses decide to use these no fault divorce kits. The important forms involved can be downloaded, emailed as attachment to your email address, sent to you on a CD-ROM or in traditional paper forms. Some of these forms include those for child support, visitation and custody, alimony, marital settlement agreement, authorization of temporary guardianship of minor, order for change of name for adult, minor and settlement of personal properties and estates, certificate of corroborating witness, financial statement, final degree of divorce judgment, certificate of divorce or marriage dissolution and court requirements. Spouses can choose the forms they need depending on their situation such as if they children or not and according to the state where they live.

A major advantage of filing your own divorce papers is that the court may even grant your petition for divorce much faster than when you are represented by a lawyer. There’s a possibility that the judge may be more understanding to your situation and therefore, grant the divorce in a shorter period of time.

These no fault divorce kits online are highly recommended by many people who have used them in their own divorce cases. They consider these kits the best solution to their situation. If you’re thinking about how to divorce online, this is the perfect answer.

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