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Are you having cramp of the chest, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, palpitations of the heart?. Do you recognize these symptoms? Those are the symptoms of an panic attack. Anxiety attack symptoms normally are very shocking for the person suffering from anxiety attacks.

The anxiety attack symptoms are nothing new and it is believed that they have affected as many as 20 million people in the US, which works out to be one in every 14 people! The anxiety attack symptoms might include obsessive-compulsive behaviors, post-traumatic stress syndrome, dizziness, phobias, shortness of breath.

Getting a cure for panic attacks can be as simple as having a great diet, relaxation and a regular exercise. Eating properly and nourishing your body the nutrients it needs from day to day is an important step to equipping your blood and organs with the enzymes it needs to perform its job. Taking the time to enjoy life is one of the verybest anxiety panic attack therapies.

Using Therapy And/Or Medicine To Cure Your Anxiety Attack Symptoms

There are different therapies available that can help to control anxiety attack symptoms. There is a therapy called behavioral therapy that can be used to help anxiety attack disorder sufferers to relieve their symptoms. This therapy involves altering the way the patient thinks or perceives certain things. By changing the way you perceive certain things, those particular things can become less intimidating and help with the tendency to accelerate a situation to an unmanageable level. This kind of anxiety disorder treatment is usually used for Usually, this kind of anxiety disorder treatment is used for those suffering from certain phobias like social anxiety disorder or social phobias.

The aim of behavioral therapy is to determine the cause of the anxiety panic attack. If the sufferer gets anxious when being in a place with lots of people the therapy will help him understand why and get rid of theses negative thoughts by focusing on good feelings. Our actions follow the thinking process and by altering our thoughts, we can alter our behavior. The behavioral aspect of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a must for sufferers looking for anxiety help. The therapist will help the sufferer alter his behavior slowly, by teaching him breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and the desensitization process. Sufferers who need anxiety help due to paranoia will gradually be taken through several stimulated experiences, where gradually the fear of people will be overcome.

Medicine is another symptom reliever. There are several groups of medication available for anxiety attack treatment Today there are some very effective anxiety panic attack medication available that will help get rid of your panic attacks. Just remember that it could take several weeks before the medication has any effect. Discuss with your doctor which medication is the best for you. There is a number of various medications are available. These are "Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors", "Tricyclic Antidepressants", "Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors", "Benzodiazepines", "Azapirones".

The most often prescribed type of these drugs to anxiety attack patients is the benzodiazepine where "Alprazolam" is the most commonly prescribed of that drug type. The benzodiazepine is, however a medicine drug class that claims it cures anxiety symptoms in seventy to 80 percent of the patients. The only issue with this is that the pamphlet that is included with the drug states that benzodiazepine can CAUSE anxiety in itself!

Beta blockers are the best medication class to control anxiety attack symptoms and are normaly prescribed to prevent rapid heartbeat, symptoms related to shaking and trembling. The beta blockers have less side effects than any other forms of medication, but they can cause insomnia and other sleep-related issues like nightmares. In the case of anxiety attacks, as the beta blockers does not actually cure the anxiety attack, most health care professionals do not prescribe beta blockers.

The Effectiveness Of Medication And Anxiety Attack Therapy Together

Often, behavioral therapy and medications are used together for anxiety attack treatment. When the patient alters the way they perceive certain things, the behavioral therapy is successful. If medication is prescribed, it can take weeks to fully work. Medications as an anxiety attack treatment help regulate certain chemicals that the brain needs. By combining the two treatments, the patient can effectively battle their anxiety attacks.

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