Have You Considered Divorce Recovery Groups?


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  • Published October 26, 2009
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If you are in the process of divorce or recently finalized your divorce, what are you doing to recover from this life changing event? Have you been in counseling or therapy? Possibly you have read some books or found information on the Internet? Have you dealt with the issues surrounding your divorce or have you tried to ignore them?

If you want to move forward after divorce and if you desire to become emotionally healthy, it is important to process your divorce. It may feel uncomfortable. It may be very painful, yet until you deal with your feelings and emotions you will remain stuck in the past, or stuff your feelings and emotions only to deal with them later.

Divorce Recovery Groups or Support Groups can help you process and deal with your pain. If you do not know what a Divorce Recovery group is, it is a group of people who walk alongside you through one of life's most difficult experiences. Groups are led by people who understand divorce and what you are going through. They offer valuable information and resources in helping you heal and rebuild your life.

To find a Divorce Recovery group in your area, there are several places you might search:

  1. The Internet - Google; divorce recovery group or divorce support group, your city, state.

  2. The newspaper, local magazines.

  3. Local Churches in your area (use the internet to view their websites, look up phone numbers, name(s) of who to contact.)

  4. Community Centers

  5. Networking; ask divorce related professionals such as attorneys, therapist specializing in divorce, co-workers, friends, acquaintances.

How to decide which group to attend? Things you should consider:

Are your values and beliefs consistent with the foundation of the program?

What is most important to you in a group?

What do you hope to get out of the group?

Is the location convenient and does the time and day of the week fit with your schedule?

Will the group cover a specific topic or area of concern where you need help?

If you are a Christian Believer you may benefit most from a Christ centered program. Do not feel that you have to belong to a particular church to attend their Divorce Recovery group. These groups are generally open to the community. The best way to get a feel for a group is to contact the person organizing the group and ask questions.

Questions you may want to ask about the group:

  1. How long is the program? 8 weeks? 10 weeks?

  2. How often is the program offered? Once a year or twice a year?

  3. Who leads the group and what is their background or qualifications?

  4. How is the program structured? Do they have a lecture or video, and then small group?

  5. Is it an individual’s program? Is it based on a book? Is it a branded program?

  6. Are there any requirements to participate?

  7. Are there any costs? If so, what are they? Do they offer scholarships if people need them?

  8. How many people can attend the group? Is there a limit?

  9. When does the group meet and where?

  10. Does the group have homework? How much of a time commitment will it be?

  11. Is there a program for children? Do they offer childcare?

A couple of Divorce Recovery Programs you may find in your area:

DivorceCare is an organization with thousands of seminars and support groups that meet weekly throughout the US, Canada and nearly 20 other countries and territories. If you go to their site you can find a group near you.

The neat thing about DivorceCare groups is that you can join at any time. If you miss the beginning of the group it does not matter. Each of the 13 weeks covers a different topic, so you can jump in any time and keep going until you have gone through each of the topics. DivorceCare is a Christian based program.

DivorceCare does offer a program for children called DivorceCare for kids. If you have children your kids can be attending a support group for them while you are participating in the adult program. The DivorceCare for kids is not always offered with the adult program, but the Internet will show you which locations offer the kids program. Their website is listed below.

Another group is The Fisher Rebuilding Divorce Seminars. Although there are not as many of these groups, you can go to their website and find out if there are any groups in your area. These groups tend to be smaller and more intimate. They often meet in a person’s home. They are available in the US, Canada and a few other countries. Their website is listed below.

If you have helpful information about or experience with Divorce Recovery groups that you would like to share with others, please visit me at the link listed below.

As a Life Coach who is a child of divorce and an adult that has experienced divorce, it is my desire to help others heal their pain and move forward in hope. Just because you are divorced, your life is not over. If you would like to create a future filled with hope, please visit http://www.ahopefilledfuture.com Links for Divorce Care: http://www.divorcecare.org and

Fisher Rebuilding: http://www.rebuilding.org

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