What Are the Signs that Marriage is in Trouble?


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  • Published November 9, 2009
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Many marriages reach the point of breakdown and so divorce comes knocking on whether or not to save the marriage. So if you are worried about your marriage, what are the signs which you should look out for? What are the factors which indicate you may have a problem and things need to be fixed?

Well, the first is unhappiness. If you feel unhappy in your marriage and if you bicker with your spouse, you are in a place where bad things can develop. Even small yet constant disagreements are signs that your marriage may be in trouble.

Intimacy in marriage is important. If there is little or no intimacy and particularly if you do not care about intimacy in your marriage, then your relationship must be something wrong. And of course, if there is intimacy in your life but with someone other than your spouse then you are facing serious problems. Cheating is a major cause of the break-down of marriage.

Sharing is important in every marriage. Couples have their own interests but if you have nothing in common or there is nothing you can share and enjoy together, your relationship may drift apart. You need to understand that many marriages end in divorce by osmosis rather than the big bang theory. Couples can slowly drift apart just as much as they can implode.

Trust is a vital ingredient in a successful marriage and once you lose your trust in your spouse, problems may well be just around the corner. You trust your spouse with money, carrying out certain chores, helping one another, doing the right thing by family members and lots more. Lose the trust and you may lose your marriage as well.

One really sad aspect of a marriage is when one partner or both are happier apart than with their spouse. If you find life more interesting or less painful when you are apart then things have hit a danger sign. Your marriage is definitely in trouble.

Changing goals can be a warning sign that your marriage is heading for trouble. Let’s say you had both agreed to retire at a certain age and move to a certain place. If one partner changes their mind and wants to do something else, this can be the cause of a serious disagreement. It’s particularly bad if the goal is one of major proportions such as moving interstate.

All the above examples are signs that your marriage could be or is in trouble. The fact that you can recognize these problems is half the battle. Half the battle if you want to save your marriage. There are many ways to save a marriage if (a) both partners want it to happen and (b) if you start therapy before it is too late.

Many divorces happen because the couple does not recognize the warning signs. Of course every couple has disagreements and even serious problems can be overcome. The key though is to be aware of the danger signs.

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