The Dignity of Surviving Divorce


  • Author Cory Aidenman
  • Published January 13, 2010
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Most of us get married believing that our partnerships will last forever. None of us plan to divorce. But with more than half of marriages ending in divorce, it happens whether or not we want it to.

Most people don't get married with the intention to divorce. Most of us get married with the intent to have our partnership last forever. But statistics are working against us whether we like it or not.

Most people enter into marriage with the belief that it will last "till death". We don't really plan to divorce. But for 50% of married couples divorce just happens.

A divorce causes the same kind of grief that we encounter when we lose someone to death. There are lots of little things that you can do to help yourself get through it. Surviving a divorce may seem like something that isn't possible while you're going through the pain of it. Many people sink into depression.

It's possible to overcome the depression and grief in surviving a divorce. But first, you will need to think of yourself.

It's not uncommon for those who are going through a divorce to concentrate on everyone else. By focusing on yourself, you take control of your emotions and can work through all of the negative feelings that the divorce has brought about.

It takes time to learn to be happy again. But it can happen, if you truly want it to. Although, initially, it may not seem possible, it is! Start by appreciating the person that you are. Do things that you enjoy, just for you. Squeeze something into each day that brings you happiness. You'll be surprised how much the little things that you enjoy nudge you to move on.

Forget about the past and about your ex's mistakes, instead think about your future. Concentrate on all of the wonderful things that your future has in store for you.

A divorce isn't the end, but a new beginning. Embrace your new life and plan ahead.

And don't forget that the road ahead is paved with family and friends to help you along the way. Don't push them away. Heal your mind with optimistic thoughts and soothe your soul by surrounding yourself with upbeat people who love you.

Rely on family and friends that are there to help you. Accept their help. Let them help with thoughts of optimism and an upbeat future.

Friends and family will come to your aide if you let them. Try to surround yourself with these optimistic and upbeat people who will help you to soothe your soul.

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