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Divorce records and marriage records are two of the most commonly searched public records that go hand-in-hand. You will find the divorce record as well as other related information about a certain person through his or her marriage record. Thus, California Divorce Records is also referred to as Records of Marriage Dissolution and such term can be useful in searching for someone’s divorce background.

It has been said that the State of California is composed of a lot of residents and a lot of counties within it. Despite of that fact, it will never be difficult to search for California Divorce Records since they have access to those commercial databases which are not only linked, but are also crossed and networked. Therefore, people turn to those commercial providers rather than go to the state repositories which do not have a linked database.

The Freedom of Information Act 1966 has mandated the availability of these records to every member of the public. State divorce records are undoubtedly becoming one of the widely searched categories of public records now. It reveals a lot of information about someone which often include the divorcing parties’ personal information and their children, the location and the time of the divorce, filing number, alimony, child custody and visitation arrangement, final decree, certificate, and other relevant information.

Just like searching for any other records, people have a lot of reasons in searching for the State of California Divorce Records. The most common of these reasons is to check on someone’s previous marriage especially if the person who wants to remarry is a divorcee. Other reasons are to perform a background check on someone, to search for biological relationship, and for one’s research on genealogy. Even if they are labeled as public records, there are certain limitations to be followed when it comes to obtaining information from them.

Searching for divorce records in California can be performed in various ways through different sources. First of all, there’s the government who offers free-of-charge service for this matter. However, it has been said that searching through them is a test of patience in the sense that you’ll have to wait for some time to be able to obtain the needed information and you also have to dig through a lot of records before being able to see what you’re looking for. The second way is through the help of those commercial record providers that are found online. This way is easier, faster, and more convenient since you only need your computer that has internet connection and start the search from there. Because it offers extra service than what one gets from the government, a small fee will be charged from you.

Other people find it rewarding to search for Public Divorce Records from the state agencies with no cost at all. However, when you do it that way, you also have to be aware of the possibilities that it’s going to be uneasy especially when you search for California Divorce Records from the Office of Vital Records in California. It’s up to you now to decide either to search it from a free-of-charge service or from the paid one; just bear in mind the main reason why you’re searching for such divorce record and how important the result will be for you.

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