Kick Out PTSD Thinking and Celebrate New Beginnings


  • Author Risa Ruse
  • Published February 2, 2012
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Kick Out PTSD Thinking and Celebrate New Beginnings

In II Corinthians 5:17 we are coached to put the past away.

The reward is that we shall be made new creatures on that day!

The celestial strategy for doing so is by being in Christ you see.

You may think, "What does that mean for you and me with PTSD?"

It may be thought of as taking off dirty garments you might say.

Thus, electing to put on cosmic clothing that covers new thinking for today.

By doing so we are making reconciliation to the Father and Son.

Only with this new mind-set can the healing be done.

A warning in fellowship is that we need persistence to succeed.

All too often we may tire of pushing through the ice of inertia to proceed.

What comes to mind is the saying that a quitter never wins.

Then again, a winner never quits regardless of past sins!

Again, I say push the past away by thinking pure thoughts every day!

A key to doing so is to ponder on what has beauty around us to portray.

Get rid of thoughts of violence and stress from TV that will make us regress.

I, too, have to fervently fight having those bothersome Blues I must confess.

Satan has subtle ways of using television to keep us at a tense sense of unease.

There is a simple way of undoing this destructive deed that keeps him so pleased.

When you find your favorite show displaying darkened acts of depression, desist!

This strategy enables us to do so through God’s tools of resistance to persist.

A heavenly hammer in this chest comes through in the beating heart of your chest.

By letting negative emotions go we allow happiness to flow attracting life’s best!

The miracle of change is this, in that it starts upon the mind’s very first command.

The secret is revealed through using positive affirmations developed to demand.

Every successful person uses them to be rid of one fearful flaw at a time.

Achieving the right one comes from contemplating with the Divine (even in rhyme!)

When we choose to put on Christ the calendar is Christmas and Easter each day.

This meaning is that we are born anew when we die in Christ you can say.

Let us elect to put off the "old man" and put on the "new man" for a New Year.

Essential for success is giving thanks to God for affirmations to absolutely adhere.

Want to know more about PTSD? Contact me. I am a twice survivor and use poetry to connect to my Higher Power to heal that works for me and can for others. Join my workshops in rhyme at: View my books and Art Gallery at:

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