How to gain more confidence in yourself!


  • Author Mitch Wilson
  • Published March 10, 2012
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Confidence is key to getting swag. If swag was a door, confidence would be the key. Confidence is all about the way you view yourself. You can't have confidence if you don't think you're freaking awesome, and you don't love yourself. If you think your awesome, and you love yourself, and then you act like your awesome, other people are going to think your awesome. This doesn't mean you get cocky, and think your better than everyone else; you're just confident in yourself.

Let's say you have 0 confidence. The best way to start gaining confidence is to A, believe in yourself, and B, practice. Have you ever heard the phrase "practice makes perfect"? Well that phrase applies tremendously to gaining confidence. Here are some ways to start gaining confidence by practice.

Talk to people, and look them in the eye

Talk to girls (more in "girls" lesson)

Work out

Work hard, and get paid

Do something you're good at, and master it

Eat healthy

Smile at girls

Greet everyone you know, with a handshake or hug

Take care of yourself physically

Now that you have some ways to gain confidence, you need to put these things into work. Remember, gaining confidence takes time, because it is a matter of the mind. I say a matter of the mind because having confidence is all about what YOU think about yourself. I could weigh 600 pounds, and be really ugly, and still have all the confidence in the world. It's how you think of yourself, and then how you present yourself to others.

"At one point, I had no confidence. I was afraid to talk to girls, and thought everyone was better than me. I'm good looking, and a nice guy, so I don't understand why I didn't have confidence. Anyways, I really wanted a change. I couldn't stand being afraid to talk to girls, and not being able to do things in full confidence. How I started to gain confidence is by practice. I started to face my fears, and talk to random woman. Anywhere I went, I would just walk up, introduce myself and start a small conversation. I did this 3-4 times a week, for 3 weeks or so, and then started to get good. I would be able to get a woman's number in less than 5 minutes. My self confidence level sky rocketed. From the start of this journey, to 4 months in, I had collected over 50 new numbers. I was feeling amazing. I now wanted to better my appearance. I started to work out 4 times a week, and eat healthy. No junk food, or soda. In 6 months I got abs. My confidence was through the roof at this point. I felt like I could do anything. Being healthy, and gaining so much confidence really helped in my work. I started to work harder, and accomplish more goals. I actually had goals. Before i started my journey to gain gain confidence, I don't think i even had goals... Wow. If you're on a journey to gain swag, confidence is the most important element in my opinion. Always practice to make yourself better, and remember it takes time."

-James W

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