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  • Published October 21, 2006
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The fear of traveling is the common reference to agoraphobia and it is typically considered an anxiety or panic disorder. There are various ranges for this disorder, it can be a serious condition in which a person isn’t able to leave the home entirely or it can be a mild disorder in which a person can’t travel more than a few hours away from home. When a person attempts to go beyond what is considered their “safe” boundaries then they go into an agoraphobia panic attack.

The only way for a person to overcome these attacks is to push their limits, which make treatment of agoraphobia panic attack difficult. Before getting better many agoraphobics tend to get worse for this reason. Since all an individual has to do is stay within their “safe” zone they tend to ignore their agoraphobic problem. However, while the problem can be easy to ignore it is a stifling symptom that comes from a chronic panic disorder.

Begin With Baby Steps

Starting by taking baby steps is the best way a person can slow their agoraphobia panic attacks. In order to finally master their fears the individual must set specific goals to overcome their panic attacks. Family and friends are the best people to help a person through this process, they can help a person be assured to their safety while helping them make the baby steps to overcome their panic attacks.

Why the panic attacks manifest in their form and what causes them isn’t completely known. It is believed that many of the individuals who suffer from this disorder experienced motion sickness which gave them a propensity for fear of travel before they started developing panic attacks.

The Unknown

To the sufferer themselves an agoraphobia panic attack is very frustrating. This is because an agoraphobic attack is often less rational than the typical panic attacks. While the individual may have a fear to traveling to an unknown place or beyond a certain point, agoraphobia can be caused by any type of anxiety or panic disorders that takes root and leads to agoraphobia.

A fear of public places, especially those where there is a large gathering of people such as a grocery store can develop from a social anxiety. An individual who suffers from general panic disorders can become embarrassed of their disorder which can then cause a fear of traveling and suffering a panic attack in public. This shows that with an agoraphobia panic attack it is difficult to identify and deal with it.

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