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  • Published March 1, 2007
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When humans began to evolve they developed an instinct for danger. This response made their bodies get ready to fight for survival or run away until they were in a position that would aid their living. This state is called a fight or flight reaction. That emotional state has survived into our present day lives. However the feelings that arise from this can lead to panic attacks as our bodies have no way of getting rid of the excess adrenaline that is present because of the fight or flight response.

Panic attacks instigate extreme and exaggerated fear and disability that are more than the normal feeling of fear. The severity of panic attacks and its sudden and episodic attacks are so chronic and intense that when it happens, there is hardly anything that can be done to eliminate it. These attacks are often self provoking without any events or conditions that pose danger or threats to that persons mind. Hence, no rational explanation can be offered for such fight or flight reaction triggered by panic attacks.

There are a number of symptoms that can be found in a victim of panic attacks. A racing or pounding heart, difficulty in breathing, feeling as if you are struggling to get air, paralyzing terror, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, trembling, excessive sweating, shaking, choking, chest pains, hot flashes, sudden chills, tingling in your fingers or toes (otherwise called pins and needles) and the overwhelming fear that you are going to die.

When a person experiences or perceives a dangerous or risky encounter, the above symptoms are stimulated. However, panic attacks hit a person under no apparent threats or dangers in an intense manner physically and mentally. The chain reaction of fearful thoughts, escalating physical responses and feelings of terror and desperation are all underway. This can happen at anytime and any place in the absence of any stimuli even when a person is sleeping at night.

Panic attacks cannot or difficult to stop when it attacks and they normally happen without any potential signals or predictions. This is because the excessive level of hormones imbalances and adrenalines that flood the body and muscles causes such extreme terror and desperation that are so beyond the grasp of the actual situation. It is therefore not only necessary but compulsory to attempt to control the exaggerated emotions of fear using different appropriate means of treatments.

The sudden surge of overwhelming fear that is experienced by the person hit with panic attack can be so extreme and devastating that even few minutes into the attack feels like forever to him or her.

Terror, to the normal people living normal lives, is part and parcel of our lives and the evolution. To victims of panic attacks, they are constantly and relentlessly facing the fear and terror everyday of their lives. There are a great variety of treatment techniques and therapies available in the marketplace for curing the panic attack and disorder. Do not give up on yourself and start visiting professionals to seek treatment and get rid of the panic attack forever for your lifetime.

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