How Harmful Myths Can Deepen Anxiety and Depression


  • Author Chris Green
  • Published March 27, 2007
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Anxiety and depression are hard enough to cope with as they are without having unnecessary myths about how to treat them prolonging the torment. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, make sure you're aware of the following myths so you get better as quickly as possible.

For lots of people, an episode of anxiety and depression is often triggered by a traumatic event. For example, a death of a loved one, job loss, a relationship breakdown, these kinds of events. The conclusion is that traumatic events cause severe stress, leading to depression and anxiety. This is completely untrue because no event, no matter how traumatic, can ever cause anxiety or depression. This is easily demonstrated because every one of us will have to deal with traumatic events during our lives. But not every one of us will become anxious or depressed during these times. The reason why this is so lies in the way people are able to make sense of these events. The events themselves cannot cause anxiety or depression.

In today's modern society, the food police are continually advocating their belief that a poor diet is at the root of all of our ills. Indeed, obesity is a major health problem and increases your risk of heart attack and strokes. But can food cause and cure stress, depression and anxiety? No it cannot. A poor diet has no bearing whatsoever on anxiety or depression and this is easily proven by asking a simple question: Does everyone who eats a poor diet suffer from anxiety and depression and does everyone who eats a healthy diet never suffer from them? In both cases the answer is no! Your diet will not cause anxiety or depression and it won't cure them. However, eating a healthy diet will boost your overall health and healthy eating should be a part of your treatment to address anxiety and depression. Feeling good physically will help you feel better mentally.

Most people who suffer from anxiety and depression believe that once you have anxiety or depression, you have it for life. I promise you, as someone who suffered terribly with anxiety and depression and who overcame them, that this is completely untrue. Both of these problems can be successfully treated using a variety of techniques that address the root cause - destructive modes of thinking - and that also improve overall well-being. Anxiety and depression certainly aren't incurable that's for sure.

A number of sufferers believe they suffer from "chronic depression", meaning that they think their depression is so severe it is chronic. This is not the case. Chronic refers to the length of the episode of depression. So, if you're depressed for one month, this isn't chronic depression, even though you may be severely depressed. However, if you are feeling depressed for 3 months and more, this is what is called "chronic depression", because the depression is ongoing. What's important to realize is that the length of time of your depression has no bearing on treating it. If you've been depressed for a month or depressed for five years, treating the root cause will have the same benefits and will ease depression very effectively.

Anxiety and depression are all in the mind. This is another huge myth, mainly believed by people who have never suffered from these problems. There are many other symptoms that are part of anxiety and depression: back ache, muscle cramps, exhaustion, loss of appetite or increase in appetite, sleeplessness, hyper-tension, and loss of sex drive to name but a few. Dismissing anxiety and depression as being "all in the mind" simplifies them and shows a complete lack of understanding about them. All of these symptoms combined make it so very hard for sufferers to do even the simplest of daily tasks and cause so much anguish. If anyone tells you it's "all in your mind" ignore them, they don't know what they're talking about.

You're now aware of what doesn't work when it comes to treating anxiety and depression. In avoiding these myths and choosing more effective methods, you'll take a significant step towards recovery.

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