Social Anxiety - A strong fear in almost every moment of your existence


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  • Published May 26, 2007
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A person that suffers from social anxiety feels a strong fear of almost anything around him. For the one that experience social anxiety it is a terrible thing even to cross the street. More than this, a person that suffers from social anxiety wants very much for the other to never know that he is afraid. As long as this kind of person is in the society he will try not to interact with anyone. Social anxiety is mainly based on the fact that these persons have a low self confidence. They are very afraid of being rejected even by a person that they barely know. Usually they feel like they are rejected even if this does not happen. They think all the time about some minor events before and after it happened and they have the impression that they have humiliated themselves no matter how their actual behavior was.

The only place where a person that suffers from social anxiety feels comfortable is their home. When they are in public places, they have the feeling that everybody is watching them. That is the reason why an individual that feels social anxiety prefers to stay at home almost all the time. He simply can not relax around others because he has the obsession that strangers are analyzing him and do not like what they see. This is a strong painful feeling and it is very hard for him to escape from it so he avoids public places. Sometimes this sensation does not leave them even when they are between familiar people. Social anxiety describes perfectly the fact that they constantly think that others are critiquing them.

The question is how can individuals that are suffering from social anxiety feel relaxed in all these situations. The worst part is that they always think that they will behave in a bizarre way so inevitably they do. They usually are conscious of that thing which is even more frustrating. The social anxiety is very hard to be understood even by the specialists in mental health care and they are often misdiagnosed with disorders like schizophrenia. In general, the ones that suffer from social anxiety have the sensation that nobody else feels the way they do. That is why they are so afraid for others to know that they feel social anxiety. The bad part is that they usually ask for help when it is too late.

These are the reasons why we should educate ourselves in what concerns the social anxiety. Social anxiety is not something that disappears by itself; it is much more difficult to take care of. It is required a long period of therapy for the social anxiety to be gone or else the person can suffer from it his entire life. The symptoms of social anxiety might be a little different from an individual to another but the essential is the same. Imagine how it is like to feel a strong fear almost in every moment of your existence and try to understand what they are going through. Social anxiety must be known and treated whenever is possible.

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