Virus Spyware Removal - Will Antivirus Software Protect Me?

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  • Author Dr Zolex
  • Published December 20, 2010
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Remote virus and spyware removal help you once the virus enters your PC. Better yet is to prevent infection.

Betty from Ohio writes to me: "Once I have installed my AV and AS software on my PC and they are updated, does this mean I can surf anywhere on the Internet with no worries of catching an infection?"

Well Betty, the simple answer to this question is NO. A simple comparison is with cars and airbags and seatbelts. Just because your car has an Airbag and you wear your seat belt does not mean you want to drive around crashing into walls to test them out. Just because you are safer does not mean you do not still have drive carefully and watch the road.

Just a second. I got a better image! Let me rephrase Betty’s question: Does having antivirus software make me Superman when surfing the Internet? Can I say to the world: "I can click and go to whatever and wherever I want to on the Web!!! I have AV protection you will never get me!!!"

Dr. Zolex says NO!! You cannot be Superman when surfing the net. Kryptonite exists everywhere on the internet. You do not know how dangerous those viruses and infections can be. They change into new versions and new viruses every day. They are extremely crafty and dangerous. Many have the ability to completely disable your Antivirus protection, once you make that wrong click. They can simply tell your Antivirus software: "Hi I am a good program, leave me alone and let me do what I want!" and your Antivirus software says "Hey Ok."

So take these 4 steps to protect yourself:;

1- Have Antivirus and Antispyware software installed and keep it up to date if it does not do so automatically.

2- Be sure to keep your other software and Windows itself up to date when prompted.

3- If you are suspicious of either a website or an email, video or anything play it safe and don’t click it.

4- Stay away from Free File sharing sites, LIKE limewire

The one click you do not do may save your PC, save you frustration and save you money.

Your PC works in the same way. You have safety precautions in place but that does not mean you should go around clicking on everything whether it is suspicious or not.

The best advice is if you are suspicious of something on the Internet, Don’t Click It!!!. Viruses can come through websites, emails, Facebook, and just about anywhere else on the Internet so if you are not sure or are suspicious do not take the chance. Play it safe and you and your PC will be much healthier and happier.

I am Dr. Zolex and I care about your health and your PC’s health. If you want more free advice that will save you time, frustration and save you money then go to or phone me direct: 508-241-9101.

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