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  • Author Angeline Mabute
  • Published February 7, 2010
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Help Net Security reported that Facebook users should be careful with Facebook spam e-mails claiming to be from Facebook administrators. Aside from being part of a phishing campaign, the said e-mail also transmit a nasty Trojan responsible for stealing the user's banking information. Incidentally, Red Condor, a Web security company, was able to notice the new phishing e-mail attack.

The spam e-mail contains a web-link that redirects recipients to a hoax login page of Facebook getting account information from them. As soon as all the credentials are typed in, a page will then ask the user to download "updatetool.exe", which is a kind of Trojan Zbot. Once the virus is installed, it will go through the hard drive of the user and gather stored personal banking information and other login information. It also does key logging and other malicious activities to obtain your information. According to Red Condor, phishers have made the fake Facebook login page for users to log on to Facebook in a refined manner. As a result, some users might believe that the login page is real.

Since million of Internet users are enjoying Facebook every day, users should be aware of these various hoax Facebook e-mails that were arriving in their mailboxes. Additionally, Jamie Tomasello, Cloudmark’s Abuse Operations Manager, stated that the Facebook scam is a result of a social engineering technique. Facebook is very popular in these days making it to be a prime target of cybercriminals and spammers. Malware authors are repeating their techniques to exploit Facebook's popularity and control e-mail users to open their malicious e-mails. A Trojan malware Bredolab was also discovered disguising as a Facebook Password Reset. Internet security specialists noted that social networks still doesn't impose using of HTTPS in place of HTTP in the URL because phishing pages imitating Facebook tends to succeed more.

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