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  • Published March 26, 2010
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Spyware and adware is basically a problem that virtually anyone who owns a computer has had or is going to have. As the anti spyware/adware programs become more sophisticated - so does the spyware/adware. Many people underestimate the threat of this type of malware. In the majority of cases people will either just use a freeware version of anti spyware or even worse - rely on the free program they got when they bought their pc. Free programs just do not come up to scratch, that's why they are free.

Spyware and malware is rapidly overtaking viruses as the number one threat to your pc. A virus is simply designed to mess with your computer - spyware and malware is designed to spy on you for many purposes, in extreme cases it may even be for blackmail (sites visited that you don't want anyone to know about). The whole purpose of malware is for the owner of that malware to see what you are doing, what sites you visit, what your passwords are for e-mail and stuff. Spyware has also been directly responsible for identity theft. Good spyware is like having someone standing looking over your shoulder - frightening isn't it?

Of course the above information only happens in rare and extreme cases but it is still a worry to know that it can happen. Most spyware and malware is simply created by a company for the purposes of "forced" advertising via the malware logging your browsing habits and then sending relevant pop up ads directly to your pc. The problem with malware is that it can install itself without your knowledge if you don't use a good anti spyware program. As more and more of these malware's get on to your pc it begins to affect your pc's performance as they run hidden in the background using up processes. Malware can also redirect your browser's homepage so that when you go to your homepage or search the internet - you end up being taken to sites or adverts that the malware wants you to see in the hopes that you'll sign up or buy what they are offering. What you need to understand is that a virus is a virus - it messes with your pc, but malware is - Worms, Trojans, Adware, Spyware, Pop-up ad's, Browser hijacks and more.

The sad truth is that around 90% of pc's are infected because malware can get into your pc just from you doing regular things on the internet such as visiting a site or reading your e-mail. Keeping up with new malware is becoming increasingly difficult because the creators are getting smarter and continually study the "big boys" in anti malware, such as Norton. They use this information to create new algorythms and such that avoid the anti malware's current detection methods. The problems begin when you start to search for anti spyware/adware and malware programs.

There are so many to choose from and if you make the wrong choices you will not be protected adequately. It is a choice that must be made very carefully. As a general rule though; you will have to spend money, many of the free programs out there are in fact riddled with these spywares themselves - hence why they are free. Or even worse - the free version gives you false readings that show lot's of problems so that you'll upgrade. You can buy a small handful of "all in one" security packages but to be honest the only way to be truly protected is to buy one that is "job" specific. The bad news is that this may mean having to buy a separate anti spyware and a separate blocker. Fortunately these aren't as expensive as they used to be since the market became so competitive. If you would like to know more about protecting your computer and optimising it as well as some recommended software's that I have actually purchased and tested, head over to - help fix my pc now.


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