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  • Published June 14, 2017
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This is a brief article about an unwanted program that is called UnTabs. We'll review its functions and after that. Except that we will explain what is UnTabs and what purpose it serves.

What is UnTabs

UnTabs is one of the many applications that you can see in the lists of applications in all browsers. We use one or two tools from this list, but the list itself consists of tens of thousands of applications. Each of them was created by someone, and, obviously, is in demand. However, if you do not accidentally stumble upon such a program, you will never hear about it, because it is absolutely useless. Let's look at the main function of the UnTabs application. The function is simple: this application allows you to collapse all open tabs in the browser in one list, and then deploy them to their original state. Frankly, hardly anyone will download this application, because it does not help you in the web surfing. Nevertheless, tens of thousands of computers around the world are already infected with the UnTabs program, and their users complain about the slowdown of the PC and the abundance of advertising.

How UnTabs gets into the system

First, you need to determine how UnTabs penetrates users' computers. Since this program does not have useful functions, and the probability of direct download is extremely small, there must be another way. This method is called bundling and this is the most convenient and effective way to distribute advertising programs. Scammers are especially fond of bundling because this method requires minimal time and effort, and also removes all responsibility from scammers, because users independently install adware and confirm compliance with all conditions and additional functions. Let’s describe this method briefly: scammers create a package of free programs in which only one program is useful, and all the rest are adware or viruses. The package has the name of a single useful program, and during the installation of it user is forced to install all the programs contained in the package, while he thinks he installs only one.

Now we come to another problem, namely to the fact that UnTabs does not act alone. Bundled installation implies that several viruses penetrate the computer, which means that you should worry not only about UnTabs but also about several other programs. In addition, any advertising program by its actions pushes the user to visit unreliable websites that distribute malware, from which more viruses enter the computer and so on. This circle does not break itself, and the user can break it only by removing all unwanted programs from his computer.

Hoiw to remove UnTabs

There are two main ways to remove any virus - automatic and manual. Unfortunately in the case of UnTabs, we can not advise you to manually remove it because the abundance of viruses on the computer makes it too slow, and reduces the efficiency of manual removal. It may take many hours to completely clean the computer in the manual mode, because all adware conflicts with each other and work in the background, slowing down the system and reducing performance. In addition, many viruses are equipped with security mechanisms, such as the ability to reinstall after removal, etc.

My name is John Stephens and I'm glad to help you with your adware and virus issues. If you want to know the only reliable and effective way to completely uninstall UnTabs - read our full article on how to uninstall UnTabs.

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