Top 10 Ways to Write Forgettable Short Love Poems

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  • Author Jason Westlake
  • Published January 24, 2011
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1 - Outsource your writing to Homer Simpson. Homer is proof that not everyone can write decent romantic messages. Let’s face it. Some people should just stick to other things, like making people laugh at you.

2 - Get really drunk. Wait until you’re incoherent and then start writing. Hopefully, you won’t remember anything when you wake up.

3 - Write about what really pisses you off about your partner. Make sure to write about how annoyed you get and what you would really say if you didn’t have any filter. This is a great relationship killer.

4 - Attend a sporting event of your favorite team. During the most intense part of the game, write whatever inspires you emotionally. Try to write about love. See what happens. You might get something like this "I love you so much I want to tear your eyes out and throw them on the ground after I run the ball down your throat!"

5 - Find a picture of some large animal, like a lion, eating another animal after the kill. Write about whatever inspires you. It just goes to show you that seeing a live beating heart doesn’t always make you think about love.

6 - Watch the first Terminator movie. Wait until the part where Arnold’s face is torn off and you see the metal and the red eye. Write about whatever inspires you in that moment.

7 - Wait until one of your bathroom pipes clogs. Take off one of the pipes and try to change the plumbing. Wait until you get a whiff. Then start writing about whatever comes up for you.

8 - Listen to some gangsta’ rap followed by some punk rock. Right after, take a few moments to yell and curse at least twenty swear words strung together. Then start writing whatever inspires you.

9 - Round up Robin Williams and Rodney Dangerfield in a room. Leave some alcohol in the room. Place a tape recorder in there. A few hours later come back and transcribe the recording.

10 - Take the speeches of George W. Bush, transcribe them, and string together a compilation of his best stuff.

OK, in all seriousness, I chose ten ideas that do you do not necessarily associate with love or inspiration. To write a great short love poem, you just need to write about what inspires you, what stirs your emotions. These ten ideas were meant to stir your emotions, but they stir your emotions in a different way.

To write a short love poem, get in a space that really inspires you. Think about your wife. Listen to one of your favorite songs that inspire you. Get yourself into a space emotionally that moves you. Then start writing. That’s all you need to do. And you’ll write some powerful love words that will move anyone. That’s what inspiration does.

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