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  • Author David Irvine
  • Published November 30, 2018
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Poetry is a beautiful art form that can project your mind into a different world. A writer of poetry tries to portray feeling through the words that spill onto the page. The result of a poem should be timeless so that no matter who reads the words in the future will find meaning, justification and gratitude.

The Human Condition

We as dwellers on Earth are all unique to the confinements of this reality. When we read, watch films, listen to music or simply dream, we take away something different from those media sources.

A poet will write and connect with a moment of time that is turned into words that can last forever. A reader of poetry may take away something else away from the final poem. That is the beauty of the human condition, we consume and repel different thought processes, conditioning and emotions.

A poet wants his readers to feel a connection.

Pansophy Through Poetry

A difficult task for a poet is to write wisdom, philosophy or pansophy. A poet is trying to offer his readers a doorway into another dimension. The writer wants his readers to question their direction in life and open their mind to what’s beyond reality.

The doorway is normally designed to connect the mind to question itself. This is called a hyperthreaded connection. This can impulse the reader to search out intriguing information that can ultimately lead to a spiritual awakening of self. A human mind can become hyper threaded through poetry because it provokes feeling, imagery and alternative thought processes within a simple line or paragraph. The hyperthreaded mindset can connect to multiple stimuli and asks the mind to work faster and harder for the reader.

A spiritual Connection Through Poetry

Many people tend to confuse a spiritual connection with religion. Both can be connected, however; a spiritual awakening is to you know yourself within the confinements of reality. This grows into an understanding of your positioning within the universes, galaxy and world of habitation. Once this is understood the mind grows and reads life in a different state of frequency, and radiates a connection with channels of information received. You can’t fool a mind that is awake.

Poetry can be a doorway that offers the mind an opening to a better understanding of self.

Writing Poetry Through the Aether

The great Nicola Tesla understood that all human minds have the ability to connect to the Aether. The Aether is the space above your head (The sky or fresh air), which is filled with electromagnetic energy which acts as a medium. This medium can transmit information as all human minds can, and are connected to it. Think of the medium as a huge database filled with thoughts, ideas and memories.

Writing poetry through the medium can come easily to some people. Sometimes a poet can write a poem and have no idea where the information came from. This would be a prime example of connecting to the aether and extracting information directly from it.

Writing poetry is a form of meditation and can bring happiness to both the writer and the reader.

David Irvine writes poetry, wisdom and philosophy. You can read more of his work at paradoxicalvista.org which is packed with mind-altering mediums. David enjoys spending time with his family and lives in the flatlands of Norfolk, UK.

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