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  • Published November 10, 2020
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The first time you might have read or heard a poem was most probably when you just started going to school when you were a little one. Back then it might have just sounded like some wordplay literature, at least that’s what I thought of it. These words that rhyme and are read so gently as if every word has a feeling to it. Those little poems about stars in the sky, fairy tales and beauty of nature.. It was apart from basic literature in those books we used to read in our school days.

Now that you’ve grown up, you’ve come to realize that poetry is one’s unique way of expressing their thoughts and emotions in writings. Just like when you make a painting of someone, a scenery or an object that comes from your mind in your own way of describing it, that is how these words are laid out in a form of art. This Art is just like any other and it is as old as history.

What is poetry ?

Poetry is a literary work which gives out the intensity of expressed feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style or rhythm. Poetry can be defined in many ways but to put it in much simpler words, it is contrary to an ordinary speech or prose.

In the words of some of the famous poets;

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words” - Robert Frost

“Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words” - Edgar Allan Poe

“Poetry is a matter of life, not just a matter of language” - Lucille Clifton

Although there are many types of poetry like narrative poetry, epic poetry, sonnet, haiku, just to name a few but that doesn’t mean you should write only those nor do you have to stick to all the sets of rules when it comes to writing poetry. But it is worthwhile to check these various types of poetry if you really are getting into writing some poems of your own.

What inspires one to write Poetry?

Everyone has a story of their own to share, everyone has their own unique experiences of their lives. The things that touch us in the most dramatic way often ignites the poetic side of us. One's love for nature, love for their significant one, a place they traveled, a significant event, a tragedy or a loss of their loved one can be written and spoken in the form of poetry. Poetry is what gives us that freedom to roam our thoughts and feelings about different experiences of our lives and bring it to display to others. Your dreams and fantasies can be your inspiration for writing poetry as well where you express your own world of thoughts.

Many of us want to put our words out there in the form of poems to see how relatable our situations can be and many times we write to make a sense out of what we’re going through. Our views simply put in words that are unique to be read and listened to.

Writing your own poetry as a beginner

While it may sound intimidating to write your own poetry if you are just starting, one should know that everyone starts with an empty canvas to paint their own painting of choice and how they do it. In the end it is your emotions and thoughts that you are speaking and if you can deliver it in your writing then you sure can write your own poetry. You don’t have to be so detailed about everything as you write your own poetry nor do you have to make it lengthy. Start with writing small poems, put your own flavor to it, make it simple. As you go further into writing poetry, get familiar with the types of poetry which will give you more insight into different techniques. Reading other’s poetry will help you abundantly as well and that way you might get more comfortable and confident with writing your own work. All that in mind, poetry if comes your from heart will touch others most definitely and that will give an indication that you’ve written a good poem.

I share my thoughts on poetry in this article. If you're getting started to write your own poetry then definitely give it a read.

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