Short Love Poems for the Passionate Lover's Heart

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  • Author Jason Westlake
  • Published March 2, 2011
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I know many of you out there who love love. You know who you are. You are the ones who love when you see friends getting together. You love when people fall in love. You almost get a high when you experience love. You crave love words and romantic messages. You love surprises, chocolates and anything romantic. You probably have a lot of passion and flare.

Your relationships also may be fiery with highs and lows. You may find yourself madly in love one moment only to crash and burn the next. You may even be reading this article about short love poems to get your next fix of love. If this is you, you may not yet have the long-term relationship you’ve been looking for. Your relationships typically begin with a flare and then quickly fizzle out in fiery heat.

For you to have the relationship you want, you’ll first need to let go of your need to have your love fixes. It’s almost like an addiction. The addiction comes first before real love shows up. The high highs of love you experience are more due to the fix and the emotion of love rather than real love. And the high can only last so long. Once the fix is over comes the inevitable crash because the highs just aren’t sustainable.

Instead of seeking for fiery passion right off the bat, seek instead to connect with your partner. Seek to serve him. Seek for steadiness and a deep connection not based on the emotional highs. Seek on letting go of whatever you are seeking to be filled from those fiery highs. Let yourself be like the turtle, not the hare.

True love is in every moment. True love is noticing what your partner needs and serving him deeply - every moment. True love isn’t based on seeking for those highs. True love isn’t based on having a continuous string of highs from now until the end of time. True love is about commitment and repetitive moments of serving each other.

Anyway, let me end by giving you a short love poem for the passionate lover’s heart:

I remember the fire burning

I loved how the passion scorched me

Now I feel only a kindling

With no more fuel to ignite

If only I’d saved the logs

And didn’t burn them all at once

I’d have a sustainable fire

And a relationship everlasting

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