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  • Author Frantz-Earl Robinson
  • Published February 27, 2012
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Poems give an insight into the writer’s emotions and perspectives on a person or object. Exciting ideas can be brought to life through the wonderful art of poetry. Poems allow the poet to express himself in fewer words thus getting across his point efficiently. It is the joy of a poet to deliver his thoughts through poems. Poetry can be appreciated as a skill that stimulates thinking. An individual’s passion to create can manifest itself in the art form of writing.

Everyone may not have the drive to write poems. However they do serve as appreciators poetry. Appreciators further serve to encourage the poet to keep writing. This is true if the poet writes poems for an audience. When the poet chooses to write for an audience he can be inspired by a desire to serve through his talent. It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that each writer has his own intention when he writes.

A poet may write for personal reasons or he may write for an audience. Whether writing for personal reasons or for an audience we could conclude that it should add value to the poet, reader or both. Everyone would agree that a poem written for an audience should have content that is worth the reader’s time.

Writing poems can be a great source of therapy. It can help to put ones thoughts into clear perspectives and aid in coming to rational decisions. Poems can serve as rocks of inspiration, especially those that have been written to provide inspiration. I can testify that I have found poems to be encouraging.

A writers experience can provide a very impacting source which can produce effective materials. Inspiration is the companion to anyone that creates something that is meaningful. Some of the best thoughts for an endeavor can come up at any moment. It is important to capture these thoughts on paper as much as possible so they are not lost. I believe some of the greatest pieces have been lost because they were not recorded promptly.

Poems have come to us as a gift from God. It is a great exercise of the mind. They are built on the platform of creativity. We can continue to provide inspiration through poetry. Poems of humor, love, and those that communicate to the soul, there is one that communicates to each person. Although all may not have the inclination to write poems but all can appreciate their value.

Some persons may perceive that poetry can only operate in familiar conventional presentations. With the increase of technology poems can be presented in new and exciting ways. We can keep poetry alive by using the tools we have today to create amazing poetry, check out Get Amazing Poems www.poetryunleashed.com

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