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  • Author Jason Westlake
  • Published March 12, 2011
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Anyone who says he doesn’t need encouragement at some time in his life is a liar. Inspiration and support fuel our human psyche. With enough contact and support, you can literally do anything. I love motivational phrases and sayings. I love encouragement poems and anything that inspires me to keep going.

I was like most people and I’ve passed through times in my life when I felt like I couldn’t go on. I couldn’t follow through with what I had set out to do, and I saw no way of getting there. No matter how much I tried. It’s in your darkest and most trying moments when encouragement and support are most needed.

The best encouragement is unconditional love and understanding. The most powerful encouragement is someone who gives you the space to be who you are and what you’re experiencing -- without judgement. When someone lets you be as pissy or frustrated or mad as you need to be without telling you to be different. When someone still sees the divine being and infinite power you have in the midst of your turmoil. That’s the most powerful kind of encouragement there is, and the only kind that works.

Encouragement doesn’t have to tell you everything will be OK, because you already know that it is. Encouragement doesn’t need to tell you to be happy or to buck up. Encouragement doesn’t need to pick you up off the ground. Encouragement is unfettered love and acceptance for where you are at. Encouragement does not give you permission or justification for where you are at. No. Encouragement just doesn’t judge you for where you are at. Encouragement tells you it’s OK where you are at. Encouragement still sees who you are in the midst of your pain.

Encouragement is what gives you hope and lets you see beyond where you are at. Encouragement is the truth. May you find all the encouragement you need in your life. Without further adieu, here is an encouragement poem I wrote some years back when I was in the midst of my turmoil.

The Epic Battle

The battle rages deep into the night

As I struggle against my unknown foe

Lurking is he somewhere in the shadows

Where is he? Who is he? What is it?

I continue in fear thinking of my true love

Who waits as the reward for victory

My shield and sword I wield to protect

With helmet and mask, armor on tight

I hear steps approaching, and I turn

A rustling as I tense, then silence

A faint voice calling as I listen,

A movement in the dark as I squint

A sudden bright light shocks my senses

I flail my sword out of pure reflex

Hearing a loud clang, relief comes over me

I’ve fended off the enemy for now

I walk on to encounter a wall

Turning left and then right I find the same

I retreat back, now enclosed within

My enemy a companion inside with me

The footsteps are close, so I swing

Then from behind, I twirl around

To the right, to the left, behind me and in front

More frightening and deafening the noise becomes

Within these walls I am doomed to die

Helpless I feel, why can’t I see?

Why don’t I know, what can be done?

No way out and no help, no power to choose

In despair I cry out, "What do you want?"

The voice, next to my ear, whispers to me

"Drop your weapon, your shield, your armor and mask"

Knowing death is near, I comply

The sword, the shield, the armor, the helmet

In defeat I surrender, taking in one last breath

As the mask comes off, light floods the room

To my utter surprise I come to see

My hidden enemy was me

The me I always wanted to be

My defense was my insecurities

The darkness my fears, the walls my memories

It was my hand-crafted reality

I built especially for me

While the me I wanted to be

Was trying to break through to my heart

I fought for years, struggling in the dark

I only won when I surrendered

When I let go of what I held dear

I had the power before, I did not know

A long time to learn, to become

But the reward was worth the pain

I conquered my biggest enemy, which was me

So I could be prepared for you

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