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  • Published February 1, 2012
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Dealing with Anxiety can be done in many different ways and today I will run through some of the best strategies there are. The first thing I will mention here is that a cure for Anxiety must be a Natural Treatment for it to be a long lasting and definitive solution. You may have been led to believe that only Medical treatments will work for such a problem, well I'm here to let you know that this is just plain WRONG!

The last thing anybody wants is to mask the underlying problem only for it to re-emerge at a later date. This is the whole reason I set up this website, to help people find a cure for their problems the Natural way. At least you can be sure that if a natural remedy helps you now, it will not cause another unrelated problem in the process like many drugs end up doing.

I know that all you want is that instant cure..anything to get rid of this problem...any solution whatsoever for dealing with Anxiety. Believe me, I can sympathize with you, I lived in a large family with 8 sisters, 6 brothers plus my mother and father. My mother suffered terribly with Anxiety attacks for countless years and if I would have known then what I know now, life could have been a whole lot better for her.

Dealing with Anxiety:

There can be multiple causes for Anxiety ranging from stress, genetics, substance abuse and environmental factors also. Many people live each day in fear, fear of lack, fear of failure, fear of rejection and so on. Life's troubles can take a hold on a person one day and push them to the point of breaking. This extra emotional baggage can result in one's reaction to manifest itself through Anxiety.

Although this is not a post about coping with life's troubles, there's no doubt that the most common cause of Anxiety is fear based. If you have identified that you may be suffering with Anxiety related to an internal feeling of "something bad is going to happen" then it is your thoughts that are most likely at fault here. Negative self-talk can cripple any person emotionally and physically and it may seem an impossible task when dealing with Anxiety

I have studied the mind for over 25 years now and know firsthand the effects of negative self-talk and defeating thoughts. To overcome this problem you may have to sit down with a hypnotherapist and openly go through the stages that trigger these attacks. Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years to great effect in curing this problem. If you feel like this could be an avenue you wish to explore then there are many great resources online to suit your needs.

If you have never tried to meditate in the past then this is a something I highly recommend you try. Again, there are some great resources online for you to look into and I hope you do. Meditation is free, it has tremendous benefits for anybody who practices on a regular basis and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind it can help relieve anxiety if you stick with it. You will begin to feel more calm, in control, and it helps distinguish those negative thoughts..believe me...this method works.

Factors related to substance abuse, medical issues like serious illnesses, the death of a loved one and any other such instances that causes trauma to the mind plays a big part in the likely event of Anxiety issues. You may need to sit down with a professional to talk about such things if you can relate to this.

  • Common Factors Related to Anxiety:

o Work related stress

o School related stress

o A stressful relationship (marriage etc)

o Financial difficulties

o Emotional trauma such as the death of a loved one

o Medical and serious illness which leads to stress

o Side effect of medication

o Abuse of drugs

o Symptom of a medical illness

As you can see from the above list, stress plays a the biggest part when it comes to Anxiety. I know it may seem difficult to let these things go and not worry so much, but believe me when I say: there are many ways you can deal with stress and the very first thing is to recognize the triggers.

Can you relate to any of the above on the list? If you can, then you have identified the most likely underlying cause of your problem. Now it's up to you to do whatever it takes to reduce the effects this problem is having.

My recommendation is to dealing with anxiety:

1... Identify your underlying trigger

2... Write down what it would take for you to reduce the affect of this trigger

3... Start to make one change each day that you know will help you distinguish this problem

4... Realize that there are methods like hypnosis, meditations and openly talking about your problem

Rome was not built in a day, but you know what? Rome would have never been built at all if the necessary steps weren't taken each and every day to build upon the previous day. Baby steps at first. Stay positive, avoid complainers, watch less TV, read more, exercise more, eat healthy and go sit down and openly express your true feelings as often as possible and with people you respect and love.

There's a reason Doctors give sufferers of Anxiety's because the patient in most cases has identified with the negative thoughts in their head on such an intimate level, they fail to see that they can change this self defeating pattern one step at a day at a time. I wish you all the best on your journey in dealing with anxiety and I've no doubt you are strong enough and capable enough to overcome this problem. You are not your are the controller of the mind.

It's very important to always look for a natural health treatment if there is one available. I have used all natural products for a yeast infection treatment and high blood pressure in the past to great effects.

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