107 Powerful Affirmations For Confidence


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Confidence affirmations are statements that help build self-esteem. They are positive statements that help you feel good about yourself.

You can use them to help yourself feel more positive about your abilities and your worth. You can also use them to help yourself feel more positive about yourself in social situations.

When you feel confident in yourself, it radiates out from you. Confidence is like a light that guides you through your darkest moments and helps you see the best in yourself.

When you use affirmations regularly, they can change the way you see yourself, and the way you view your relationships and accomplishments.


Being confident in yourself is a great thing to do. It doesn't matter if you're the most confident person in the room or a complete wannabe, being confident can help you achieve your goals and dreams.

If you don't believe in yourself, then expect to have nobody who will either. No one else will want to spend their time with someone who isn't willing to put their best foot forward.

Being confident can help you get more respect from others too. If people see that you're not afraid to stand out of the crowd and make yourself heard, then they'll be more likely to listen when you have something important to say.

It is also important to be confident in yourself because if you don't have confidence, then other people will see that as a weakness and try to take advantage of it.

It's also important to have self-confidence because it will make your life easier overall.

It means that when things go wrong for you, instead of blaming everything on other people (which is what most people do), you'll know that there's something wrong with yourself and then take responsibility for fixing it (which is also what most people do).

Here are some simple, yet powerful, confidence affirmations to help you feel more confident in yourself:

  1. I am safe.

  2. I am happy.

  3. I am loved.

  4. I am capable.

  5. I am unique.

  6. I like myself.

  7. I am valuable.

  8. I am a winner.

  9. I am confident.

  10. I trust myself.

  11. I live in joy.

  12. I am successful.

  13. I do what I say.

  14. I am intelligent.

  15. I am passionate.

  16. I have integrity.

  17. My body is healthy.

  18. I believe in myself.

  19. The sky's the limit.

  20. I am kind and loving.

  21. I am totally reliable.

  22. I look and feel great.

  23. I am happy and content.

  24. I am calm and peaceful.

  25. I am a valuable person.

  26. I am always in control.

  27. I am confident in myself.

  28. I am charming and witty.

  29. I am capable of anything.

  30. I am happy with who I am.

  31. Life is fun and rewarding.

  32. I am successful right now.

  33. I am content with my life.

  34. I am competent and capable.

  35. I am loved and appreciated.

  36. I am successful and capable

  37. I am confident in my worth.

  38. I am proud of my lifestyle.

  39. I am in control and capable.

  40. I am kind and compassionate.

  41. People like me for who I am.

  42. I am satisfied with my life.

  43. I am confident in my future.

  44. I am perfectly fine as I am.

  45. I am capable of great things.

  46. I am confident in my thoughts.

  47. I am confident in my feelings.

  48. I am proud of my achievements.

  49. Confidence is my second nature.

  50. I give and receive love freely.

  51. I am confident in my decisions.

  52. I am confident in my potential.

  53. I am confident in my abilities.

  54. I am confident in my decisions.

  55. I appreciate everything I have.

  56. I am comfortable in my own skin.

  57. I am confident that I can succeed.

  58. I am energetic and enthusiastic.

  59. I am worth everything I am worth.

  60. I am a strong and powerful person.

  61. I am someone who makes people laugh.

  62. I am confident in my relationships.

  63. I am comfortable in my own company.

  64. I am worthy of love and admiration.

  65. I inhale confidence and exhale fear.

  66. I feel confident from the inside out.

  67. I am confident and secure in myself.

  68. I am feeling more confident every day.

  69. I am worthy and deserving of happiness.

  70. I have unlimited power at my disposal.

  71. I am deserving of love and admiration.

  72. I am comfortable in social situations.

  73. I am confident and accepting of myself.

  74. I am confident and know that I am loved.

  75. I am flexible, I adapt to change quickly.

  76. I am confident in myself, no matter what.

  77. I am confident and know that I have worth.

  78. I am able to face challenges with confidence.

  79. I recognize and appreciate my positive traits.

  80. I choose to be happy right now. I love my life.

  81. I am virtuous, intelligent and well appreciated.

  82. I am outrageously enthusiastic and inspire others.

  83. I am a powerful creator, I create the life I want.

  84. I am confident and capable in every area of my life.

  85. Every day, I uncover new features of my self confidence.

  86. I am comfortable in social and professional situations.

  87. I accept my strengths and weaknesses and like myself for who I am.

  88. It's easy to meet people, I create positive and supportive relationships.

  89. I am grateful for all the many blessings in my life and I have lots of them.

  90. When I look in the mirror, I see a confident, able person looking back at me.

  91. I'm a positive person and always believe things will work out for the best.


There is no "correct" way to look or feel, and embracing body positivity is an important step in breaking down the harmful messages about body size and shape that are so often reinforced in society.

Below are some affirmations to help you feel positive and confident about your body:

  1. I am proud of my curves.

  2. I love and adore my body.

  3. I love my body, flaws and all.

  4. I am comfortable in my own skin.

  5. I am pretty and beautiful as I am.

  6. I am happy with my weight and body type.

  7. I am confident in my skin and how it looks.

  8. I feel comfortable with my body size and shape.

  9. I am confident in my body and what it can offer.

  10. I am happy with my body and what it can bring me.

  11. I am happy with my body no matter what others say.

  12. I am proud of my body and amazed at what it can do.

  13. My body looks perfectly fine and I am pleased with it.

  14. I am confident in my skin and the clothes that I wear.

  15. I love my body for its unique features and capabilities.

  16. I am comfortable in my own skin and I love the way I look.

Final Thoughts

When you feel like you don’t have enough self confidence, try these affirmations to boost your confidence. Hope you found this post on the best affirmations for confidence very helpful and informative.

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