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  • Author Srijana Gautam
  • Published February 10, 2023
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Your value is not decided by what you are made up of but how useful you are. For example, the food that you throw in a dustbin is just a waste but the food beautifully served on your table has the ability to subside your hunger. The value of same served food is realized when you are out on a trek and you are very hungry. The same food thrown regains its value if instead of throwing it in dustbin is given to a poor needy person who works hard the whole day just to earn his bread for the day. It is not about what is the food made of but how needed is the food in one’s life. For the poor person it is his daily earning that he spends on his meal but for someone wealthy it may just be a part of his side pocket money. So, it is much more valuable in a poor person’s life as it is hard earned than a rich brat who does not know on what cost id that food served on his table.

So, even in our life, we should not be bothered by where and what kind of background we come from but prepare ourselves to be able to make ourselves of great value and of most need. Then, we will always be respected by people around for who we are. We should not underestimate ourselves and should keep dreaming big. If you dream very big even if you do not reach your dream, you will surely reach somewhere close to it. There will be many obstacles, doubts and failures on the way but remember you have prepared yourself of highest value and you are needed somewhere just wait for the right moment patiently and you will be recognized one day. I want to share example of great person like Mother Teresa, she herself belonged to a poor background but today we study about her and is one of the most respected persons for she prepared herself not with self-doubts but with confidence that she can also help others and kept going on with kindness and the message of peace. It may not have been easier for her too to help others but she is valued today for her kindness.

All the famous stories were rejected by publishers but today they have been part of every person’s childhood. Harry Potter was rejected 12 times; Twilight was rejected 14 times and there are many others. So, the failure may not be because you are not worth it but others are not able to see your true worth and value. So, don’t be scared by the failure and it does not degrade your value at any point in your life.

Hello! I am Srijana an enthusiastic, young and passionate writer who loves putting her knowledge, experience and feelings into words. I am a student and relate to the anxiety, fear and enthusiasm to dive into the bigger world. Thank you for taking your time to read about me and we can connect through my email address:

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