How Magda Kay Left Her Corporate Career and Became an Intimacy Expert


  • Author Olivia Stern
  • Published April 26, 2024
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A journey from the hyper-logical existence of the mind to the subtler explorations of the heart.

Magda was 24, sipping champagne on a Milan rooftop after finishing a long and busy week of work at the Ray-Ban office. She had graduated from business school, landed a dreamy international job, and was attending some of the best parties in the city. By any societal standards of success, she was living her best life. And yet, looking back on this time now, Magda smiles satisfyingly at choosing to leave it all behind.

Sharp, driven, and bubbling over with warm and extroverted energy, Magda is someone you just naturally want to be around. I can only imagine that these innate traits mean she was that way back in Milan, too. And yet, while that may have been true on the outside, she recounts that during that time, now, well over a decade ago, she was exhausted, unfulfilled, and depressed.

“I was always ambitious, logical, a fast thinker. I moved fast, had a vision, and knew where I wanted to go. Until I wasn’t so sure anymore,” Magda shares. She was a great student, very goal-oriented, and worked not only at Ray Ban but at Proctor and Gamble, as well as the highly sought-after Mindvalley in Malaysia.

And it was when Madga was living in Malaysia, that things took a real turn in her life. Having been driven by the mind her whole life, running from love and intimacy, the subtler, less logical matters of the heart had gone completely unexplored. She had never before been in a long-term relationship and found herself in one for the first time at age 27. It was her first love. When the relationship ended, she was completely shattered, recalling it as the most painful breakup of her life.

“I was unable to work, I wasn't able to function. I lost so much weight. It felt like my life broke. I couldn't go forward because I had no energy. I was depressed in a way I had never been before,” she recounts. And it was then that a friend finally intervened and shared with her the contact information of a healer. Never having explored the world of spirituality before, Magda was hesitant. But as she was desperate to find a way out of her current situation, and so, she went.

That one-hour healing session would change the trajectory of her entire life. Magda shares the experience with me, still a bit mystified by just how transformative it was. “I walked out of that office with a completely different relationship to my feelings. I wasn’t depressed anymore,” she shares. While nowadays, alternative forms of therapy and differing healing modalities are far more mainstream, over a decade ago, this was still new, and Madga wanted to learn more.

For the first time in months, feeling positive about life and herself, Madga set out to learn about energy and alternative healing modalities. As love and relationships were the areas of her life that caused this breakdown, she knew she had work to do in opening her heart and learning to let go of the emotional blockages that were keeping her from letting someone else in. This exploration led her to learn about something called Tantra, an ancient set of Yogic practices that originated out of India.

Magda found an Ashram that was teaching Tantra Yoga in India, and she decided, just like that, to go. She quit her position at Mindvalley and set off to learn about Tantra without any idea of where it would lead her next. From there, she found herself on an Island in Thailand, at an advanced Tantra school and community, where she lived for the next 7 years.

During her time in Thailand was when Magda started working as a coach with men and women, singles and couples, teaching the tantric tools she had mastered, and helping those she worked with to experience more intimacy and connection.

Magda’s journey is one that both intrigues and inspires. Letting herself be led by the experiences in her own life that most challenged and changed her, choosing to explore those aspects of life - intimacy and matters of the heart - that are powerful, tender, and vulnerable and far too often, never discussed and cultivated.

A true expert in any field is someone who has been transformed by their work, and who embodies what they show up to offer others. The possibility of the intimacy and connection Madga teaches in her 1:1 coaching, online courses, and content on YouTube is felt simply by being in a room with her.

Olivia Stern, a freelance writer from North Dakota passionate about personal development, psychology, and the nature of our habits and decisions. She covers topics that are currently relevant to her own personal growth journey and features entrepreneurs and creative thinkers that currently inspire her.

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