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  • Author Patrick Weins
  • Published December 5, 2009
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If you are a frequent smoker there is an exciting new invention you should know about and they are new Smokeless Cigarettes or also called e-cigarettes. This new innovation in smoking is changing the legal landscape for cigarette smokers throughout the world. The best thing about these Smokeless Cigarettes is they do not include any tobacco in them, they don’t produce any actual smoke and they are not really lit. Therefore due to outstanding features in the cigarette they are not categorized under the prohibition that is regulated by the non smoking bans and so this means that you can puff a smokeless cigarette anywhere you like and you can do it legally. You can now smoke at the movie theaters, restaurants, bars and even in the air planes. Just make sure to tell them it is the new electronic cigarette which does not produce any 2nd hand smoke.

Smokeless Cigarettes help you save money

You can definitely save a lot of money by using these Smokeless Cigarettes. After you have purchased the first starter kit, you will surely find the huge savings made. Therefore depending on the smoking unit you purchase every nicotine cartridge being sold is equal to about a pack of real cigarettes. You can generally purchase five cartridges in one pack which starts from around $9.99 and this would approximately be $2.25 in a pack, without any sales tax. You can also forget the money you used to spend on purchasing lighters as these electronic cigarettes are self adequate, and don’t need to be lit.

These electronic cigarettes are basically designed to replicate the look of a real cigarette. When you inhale through the device there is a built sensor that detects the air flow and it activates a heating element. This vaporizes the nicotine liquid being stored in the cartridge. You will be inhaling this vapor through the mouthpiece. There is also a LED at the other end which is activated when your inhale the electronic cigarette.

Why purchase them

These Smokeless Cigarettes are so genuine that you would literally inhale and exhale vapor similar to mist. This also seems like you are smoking the real tobacco cigarette but with less risk of smelling like smoke or starting a fire. Additionally the end of an e-cigarette would still light up when it is being inhaled. There are several people being noticed smoking these Smokeless Cigarettes in movie theaters, shopping malls, bars, restaurants and cafes. There is no risk of getting in trouble smoking these in public places. Just be ready to explain your self. When most of them were asked, they said they switched from smoking real tobacco cigarettes to Smokeless Cigarettes as it cures their craving for smoke.

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Green Smoke
Green Smoke · 10 years ago
Great article! The smokeless e-cig is a great advancement in technology and a great advancement for the smokers. It's a more efficient, healthier, and cheaper alternative to the traditional cigarette.

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