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  • Published April 27, 2012
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You’ve probably heard, "The only time we have is now, this our present moment." So this means that we can only live in the present, act in the present and experience life in the present moment. You may be asking, "If this is the case then why do I have so many problems in my life?"

Everything that happens in our life is created by a choice we made – consciously or unconsciously – via the thoughts and beliefs that we are holding in the present moment. The past is really only a memory of the past. If we dwell in the past we continue to bring forward the same past experiences whether good or bad by putting energy into them in the present moment. Our future, the things we desire, our plans or even things we are dreading are still all created in our present, right now, state of mind. This means that we can only experience joy in this now moment of time. A happy memory is really only a present feeling of happiness stimulated by thinking about the past and the only pain we can experience is the pain of the present moment. A painful memory brings forth pain and sadness that we experience in our now.

If we can get the present moment right by experiencing peace, harmony, joy, love and happiness in our now – our past and future problems will take care of themselves.

You may be asking, "How can this be possible?"

We need to monitor our habitual thinking patterns as these form our beliefs thus create our now experience. What we think about internally we bring about externally. Some people think constantly about all sorts of unpleasant things that might happen to them. They imagine quarrels, injustices, accidents, misfortunes of every kind and because they invested so much time imagining them, they truly believe them and most of what they created in their mind will be created in their life experience.

Your thoughts and images should be focused on only those things you would really like to come to fruition in your own life. Anything good is possible just as all the negative imaginings are possible. Make today the beginning of your new life. Imagine that you are living your dream life now. Remember you only have this present moment and it is this present moment that creates your next present moment.

Begin by imagining that you have no fear and nothing can stop you from doing whatever it is that makes your heart sing. Imagine that you are healthy, peaceful, giving, happy and kind to everyone you meet. Imagine all your relationships are healthy and they bring to each of you love and joy. Imagine you have the perfect job, the one that was designed by your soul; it nourishes your creativity and brings joy to your heart. It provides the money you need to not only survive the earth plane but thrive! To be happy, act happy!

Begin to see everything in your experience with a whole new set of eyes. When you view a discarded bag of Burger King on the sidewalk instead of becoming angry that someone littered; pick it up and as you throw it into the garbage give thanks that someone was blessed to eat today. View the world as kind and filled with love. Be love and see love.

When you find love in everything … your present moment will be filled with love. Every minute of every day we create in our now moment. You have the power within you to suffer in pain or live with joy, what will you continually choose?

With Love and Tremendous Gratitude, Many Blessings! Namaste,

Lisa Whatley -- xo

Author Bio: Lisa Whatley hostess of www.InfinityLightHealing.com is an International Miracle Mind Mentor and Self Help Empowerment Specialist, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Published Writer specializing in personal transformation growth programs. Some of her work has been published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence, Paradigm Shift, Voices of Choices, Mystic Pop and Indicator Magazines.

"The Key to Self Mastery IS Within ... Where Freedom Reigns!"

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