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There are many activities that can be organised and are very useful when organising a team Building event. There are some of them where its participants do not know each other because the activity – the team building itself – is an excuse to start knowing deeply each other. This way, they can start talking about their own experiences and a sense of group becomes a reality.

These team building dynamics can be put in practice during team meetings, training classes, etc. you can test them in your company and you will be able to see how these type of experiences help their participants to easily know each other and make meetings become more familiar.

Examples of Team Building Activities

We will know describe an example of one of the activities that can be used as Team Building activity in which the sense of group is constantly worked.

• In just one word: this "icebreaker" activity helps to enter deeply in the thoughts about a certain topic, and it is great manner to introduce a topic in a Team Building session. Normally, its participants are enchanted with the wide range of words that have been chosen by themselves.

The instructions for the activity to be carried out are the following:

  1. Forming groups of 4-5 people randomly (in such a way, you will avoid that people who already know well go together in the same group)

  2. Tell the groups that their task is to think during one minute which is the word that better describes a topic related with their work. Examples: company’s organizational culture, department’s productivity, etc.

  3. Encouraging them to share the word with the rest of the group. Inevitably, it will arise a conversation among the participants that can give rise to a first interesting approach.

  4. Assembling all the groups to share the suggested words. Normally, it will be a spokesman that will "defend" the chosen work.

  5. After having heard all the words, a series of questions are proposed about the chosen topic. Regarding the company’s organizational culture, they can be asked about whether they think it as sufficiently effective, if they feel comfortable with it, etc.

  6. Sharing all the reflections coming up from all the teams with their participants.

 Duration: 10-15 minutes (initial discussion)

 Number of participants: groups of 4-5 people, without an established limit

 Versions: formulating the questions as if they were related to the group itself (What words would you use to describe the group? or What words better describe the communication among the members of the group?)

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