A Moment Captured In Time


  • Author John Woo
  • Published May 18, 2016
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Ever since the first camera was invented, pictures stood as the best proof for time that can be relived. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, when it is of a loved one that has been lost, it’s worth the entire world. Ceramic pictures for headstones are exactly that – making people remember the old days and their loved ones in the best light.


The feeling of sadness when losing a loved one is strongest in the beginning. However, as time flies, we learn to cope with it and the only thing we are left with are memories. The ceramic pictures for headstones are the best memory placed next to the grave of a deceased one. They help us remember the good old times spent together and stand as the best representation of the deceased’s personality.

Ceramic pictures for headstones are commonly known in the marketplace as grave or memorial pictures. However, the new technology allows us to make a perfect representation of the ones we lost through pictures. Not only the cameras nowadays are better and offer stellar resolution – they also serve a great purpose when it comes to memorial photos.

Technology now offers high-end production of pictures. Even if you don’t have a portrait picture of your deceased loved one, the ceramic pictures for headstones are digitally printed on ceramics and can be retouched as well. This opens a broad range of possibilities, as you can cut the background, combine more people in a single image or simply retouch the image of the deceased to ensure its best quality.


Ansel Adams has a perfect quote relating to ceramic pictures for headstones. He once said:

"You don’t make a photograph with just a camera. You bring the act of photography in all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard and the people you have loved."

The last part of this quote refers to our deceased loved ones. And even if it was just a moment caught it time – the ceramic pictures for headstones can be the best way to represent their unique personality.

In the end, we pass along the simply memory of a time lost forever to a new world. That is probably the best way to define the importance of memorial photos – and why every deceased person deserves one.

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