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  • Published May 20, 2016
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The world is changing and the speed of changes is increasing every day. With the enormous flow of information and spread of knowledge is changing our society and our lives in an amazing way. Governments and organizations can no longer thrive in secrecy. Today everything is visible and everything can come to the light of day.

In today's society we have more opportunities and possibilities than ever before and our presence, knowledge and influences can have such an amazing impact on the world. Today we can share our knowledge and experience in so many ways. We can easily share it on social media, through status updates, articles, videos and more. We can so easily start a blog, a website, have newsletters and webinars to educate the world.

We can all become a role model for others and having a role model is very important. Having a role model, guide or a mentor that can show us the way to learn new things, how to improve our lives and how to become all that we could ever want to become. Success lies in education, learning new ways to be and do things. Some traditions are good but some are old and outdated. We often need to learn a new way to think to be able to grow into the person we want to be.

We all have the power to change and we all have the power to make an enormous impact on the world. Becoming a good role model and helping others achieve their dreams, helping others make their desire become a reality is something we should all strive for. We all have some unique experience that can help others see a new possibility.

Teamwork is the key to a better society and a better world. When we have found our speciality we should do our best to share what we have, what we have learned from life. There are people who are looking for information and knowledge that can help them take life to the next level. They are searching for something but often do not know exactly what they are looking for.

If we are visible, if we go out there and tell the world what we have to offer, someone, somewhere will tune into what we have. There have been great leaders that have changed and created a new vision for the world. They have impacted and improved the lives of so many just by speaking their truth.

The old Greek philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle that are still remembered and talked about today had something new to offer. In my childhood I looked up to people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Dalai Lama. The life and inventions of Nikola Tesla inspired me more than even I can imagine. They shaped me and affected me in so many way. In more modern times I have gotten influence from Jim Rohn, Toni Robbins, Darren Hardy and other great speakers. We have Gary Vaynerchuk, a great leader who is sharing so much knowledge and helping people realise their own power.

They were all regular people like you and me. Still they believed and believe in something bigger. Their vision was so strong and there would be nothing that would stop them from speaking the truth. Galileo stated that the world was round and not flat, he could have withdrawn his claims to save his life but choose death instead. Speaking the truth may not always be popular but we need to speak the truth and we need to seek the truth. Some truths may not always be what we want to hear but the truth is always the best information we get for the long term.

For us who have found the truth or a truth, it does not matter how many people listen or believe what we are saying but we need to stay true to who we are and our vision of the world as we are all different individual, these is someone out there who is looking for exactly what we are sharing.

We all have the power to improve and change the world. Many of us have been silenced and taught to obey, to speak and do what we were taught to speak and do. We all have our unique talents and vision. We all have something extraordinary to share with the world.

The question may arise that the world would become very loud if everybody would start sharing their own truth but that is and will not be the case. We know that as we are different individual, there are leaders and there are followers. I am urging all humankind to follow their own truth and stay true to who they are but there will only be a certain few who will rise up in public to share the knowledge they have found.

We should support and urge the leaders in our midst to stand up and teach, preach. Then we have the followers who share their passion and will learn and apply it to their lives. The followers in their turn will lead a life that will impact the ones they are closest to. The leaders will create big ripples and the followers will create smaller ripples but every ripple is important.

We can see this as the world in whole. First we have our beautiful earth, then we have our continents. We have many countries in every continent and in every country we have many cities and towns. Some people will have the big role and their audience is maybe millions of people. Some have hundreds of thousands, some have tens of thousands, some have hundreds and some have a dousen.

We all have the power to impact the world in a positive way, we should all share the information we have gathered, share the knowledge we have learned to help others improve their way of life. Nothing is impossible and we are all extraordinary. As Dalai Lama said once "If you think you are too small to make an impact, try sleeping in a tent while there is a mosquito in there".

We should all rise to the occasion and be apart of this global change and help make the world a better place through teamwork.

Take care my beautiful friends and I am looking forward to hearing from you speaking and living in a way that has a positive impact on others.

Égzeus Belial

Luxury Lifestyle Coach


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