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There are so many quotes about perspective: "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." by Wayne Dyer. And "The smallest change in perspective can transform a life. What tiny attitude adjustment might turn your world around?" by Oprah. And Paula Rollo's quote, "Sometimes, just a little change in perspective can turn a bad day into a good one." You've seen the picture where you look at it one way and you see a woman and another way looks like a duck. Perspective is everything.

Mine was in the toilet the day I got the email from Escape Adulthood speaker and expert Jason Kotecki and his wife, Kim, informing me that I had been chosen as THE Adultitis Fighter of the Month. I had NO idea what that meant so I went to their website and found blogs from others who had been chosen in prior months. These people were amazingly awesome! They lived lives that I aspired to be like. Why had they chosen ME to be in this elite circle?

It was ironic timing as I was going through a VERY difficult time in my life, being challenged at every level. I was suffering from the aftermath of a very ugly election. I made the conscious choice to not engage in the battle outwardly, but inwardly it was a huge struggle. I wondered why on God's green earth would I want to be an elected official in this day and age, with the personal attacks and the character assassination attempts? I was stuck in drama quicksand and couldn't seem to crawl out. Deep down though, I knew that the reason that I chose this profession was because I am passionate about service. And to me, public service is the highest form of giving back. But stress runs high in that choice. And perspective gets cloudy.

When I got the email from the Kotecki's announcing that they were choosing me as their Adultitis Fighter of the Month, I sat staring at my computer dumbfounded. I certainly did not feel like an Adultitis fighter at all. As a matter fact, I felt like my life experience was making me really old.

As if directed by an angel, Kim asked me to complete a questionnaire as soon as possible. Perspective shift required. Her questions were a much needed distraction from the overzealous voice in my head.

As I began answering her questions and finding pictures to accompany their request, I couldn't help but giggle. Perspective. I was looking at my life from one perspective, while they were looking at my life from a much different view. What they reminded me of, was that even on the battlefield of life, I had still surrounded myself with a tribe of people that nurtured my spirit. I created an environment that made me happy. I was making choices that allowed me to thrive, even in survival times. They reminded me that I truly do love my life and my life really does love me back.

The greatest gift came when I read their blog. What a gift to have someone come along in your darkest time and reframe your life to show you how truly blessed you are. And I am. Perspective. Same life, new lens. Thank you Jason and Kim Kotecki!!! (And Lucy too!)

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