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  • Published December 4, 2018
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Positivity - Persevere - Prosperity - Professionalism - Persistency - Patience & Procrastination

7 "P" words starting with Positivity - where one is as important as the next for your overall character. (Except of course for Procrastination!)

The following are common "P" words that have been - or are a part of how you operate every day. Below they are touched on briefly however you can delve further into each topic via the links in each segment or, at the end of the article.

So Which Is The Most Important?

Well they all play a significant part if you were to relate them to successful business practise. You would most probably like most of these attributes in your overall character. However if it is procrastination you suffer from on the odd occasion, then it will definitely be something you will need to address.

Lets Start With Positivity

Continually being a positive person is another wonderful attribute to have. Feeling positive and happy all the time about your business, your personal life, just your everyday things you do. Positive people are wonderful to hang out, converse with and really a delight to be around. Totally beats the complete opposite - Negativity!!!


Being prosperous or having a prosperity conscious mind will serve you greatly. It's so important to consciously think success and abundance and realize there is enough for all. Having prosperity consciousness as opposed to possessing the opinion that there is not enough to go around or feeling complete lack will not serve you at all.


Sometimes when I think of persistency, I think of children. They do it beautifully, and sometimes not so - but the end result is they usually get what they were going after. Being persistent in your goals or your business or whatever it is you are striving for is a pretty good quality to have. And usually with good result. Learn to persist and more importantly possess the 'never give up' attitude.

How To Persevere

Changing your life personally or professionally is no easy feat however persevering with what information you study and read. The people you surround yourself with, the dreams you go after, but also learning what motivates you to make these changes and continue with them is also a good attribute to have.

If you are not happy with one of these the important thing is to not settle. Again perseverance is key in finding out what works for you, your personal life and your career.


Depending on where - or what your work description is - there are certainly different definitions of professionalism. You may absolutely need to "look the professional" and be the complete package within your workplace - a polished act when interacting with fellow peers or clients etc.

However if you're like me, you have an online business. Your professionalism my lay in the way you speak with prospects on the phone, or using a "skilled and professional attitude" when marketing and advertising. Being professional most definitely requires contribution from the other "p" words or attributes outlined earlier in this article.

Having Patience

This is definitely one of the important "P" words. After implementing a positive mindset for physical or business success. Persevering with different actions you take and being persistent in all of them daily. Then having patience for the fruits of your labors to unfold is imperative.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Your business success and newly toned, healthy body wont be either!

Have Patience.

And Last But Not Least - Procrastination

Even though it is something we don't like to have, at times it can raise it's ugly head. It could be procrastinating about a business decision, maybe something to do with your family or just an indecisive action in your own personal well being.

Perhaps it is the fact you may just succeed at the task and have a fear of success. Even though it may occur, the important thing is you are aware of it, do your hardest to overcome it - and get on with it!!!

Someday is not a day of the week. -Author Unknown

My name is Lessie Rodriquez. I am from Austin, Texas. My main job - PR manager at homework helper for college students. I like classical music and classical literature. I prefer to spend my free time at pool playing waterpolo or learning Italian. Also, my hobby is sewing clothes. I adore my dog Jessie.

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