What Your Hands Say About Your Personality ?


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  • Published March 27, 2020
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Ever wonder what your hands say about your personality if someone approached you and said I can tell your future by just reading your palm what would you do ? would you be intrigued or would you simply just laugh and walk away?.

Palmistry and Kira Mansi are practices of foretelling the future by reading palms, there are different versions of the practice depending on the different cultures that use it, but in the end, it's relatively the same.

With that said there has been some research that was conducted that is in direct relation to the palm reading practice. What was found, was a certain mark on certain people's hands may say something interesting about who they are.

There are many believers in the practice of palm reading, but there are also many skeptics that believe their future cannot be predicted. These are also the same skeptics that believe finding out your future is bad luck.

DailyFunstory wants to help to know what having an X on both of your hands might mean, you may be surprised to find out.

Proven research

Research called x palm mystery and spirit science formula, which was conducted by the STI University in Russia, stated that many people who were part of this research team had the letter X on both of their palms and

went on to live remarkable lives.

Interesting facts

in fact, do you want to know an even more interesting fact? did you know that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is also one of those people who have the letter X on both of his palms?

Abraham Lincoln, one of the most decorated American presidents is also part of this list. You're probably wondering what the characteristics of the people are who have these marks on their palms,

Characteristics of people who have the letter X on both of their hands.

They are strong and level-headed,

-Possess very strong characteristics,

-They can achieve any goal without even planning it,

-Whatever they want to achieve they won't stop until they do it.

What's even better, is that they become successful very quickly, even if they are never really trying to be. Those who have the X on both of their palms are destined for fame, they will be well known in the world for good reason and are expected to be idolized by many before they leave this earth.


They are very intuitive and can easily sense what is good for their life and what has the potential to ruin it.

If you try to deceive them, you will quickly find out that it is very tough to do so, they always know when someone is trying to cheat them, even if you have somehow successfully lied to them or deceive them, you can be sure that they either know or will find out sooner or later and you will have to face them and the consequences.


They may not look very intimidating or strong, but many of those who contain the letter X on both of their palms usually come out of the fight as a winner.


It may seem like these people are very selfish and egotistical, but not only do they better their own lives, but they are also very helpful in changing and improving the lives of others as well.

Great leaders

There are also other traits that come with being a great leader. A great leader always cares about the people they are leading, no one will follow someone who only cares about themselves, because that's when it becomes a dictatorship when fear is the number one weapon that is used.

Positive energy

Life can throw curve balls destroy lives, unravel plans, but a great leader never lets that deteriorate their positive energy. A great leader can rise above adversity and never back down from a fight because they know what's at stake, and they know as long as they have that positive energy they can do anything.

Lead by example

The trait ties into the previous trade about the positive energy, if a leader of the country stands tall and overcomes adversity, so will the people that follow him or her, they do not tell others what to do, they lead others because a great leader wants to leave a positive imprint that will be remembered for a lifetime.

People who have the letter X on both of their palms are great leaders, clever and sharp-witted, destined for great success, and they live in people's hearts long after they've died.

Higher IQs

Research has found that people who have higher IQs are not very social, also it has been found that social interaction actually hinders the person's overall happiness. Despite social interaction is one of the positive elements of a happy life.

Those with high intelligence would rather avoid it, and focus more on their thoughts.

Worry a lot

Intelligent people tend to have a wide imagination and think ahead, which often leads to anxiety. Several studies have been conducted on those suffering from anxiety, and the results also showed that they were highly intelligent.

These people have a very powerful mental processor, when they speak it is at a high level, they are extremely self-aware, and they can detect any sense of danger before anyone else can sense it.

You may contain a mental illness. This is not to say that everyone who contains a mental illness is highly intelligent, but scientists have found that high IQs found in children were related to an increased risk of later development of the bipolar disorder.

In addition, some of the greatest minds to ever walk the earth exhibited signs of bipolar disorder, such as Vincent van Gogh, Lord Byron, Virginia Woolf, and Ernest Hemingway.

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