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  • Author Randy Gonzalez
  • Published March 31, 2020
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Warriors believe in ethical precepts. By neither extraneous dogma nor canonized doctrine, their ideological precepts are constantly tested over time, growth and maturity, reality and reason, against the background of myths, deceptions and sinister intentions. Philosophical extremes, as collective collusions are matters of self-centered opinion, warriors rebuke and revile unsubstantiated, non-factual and specious conjecture. They learn through time, training and experience, anecdote is not evidence of anything, and jargon devolves to psychobabble.

As courageous rogues, they blend, adapt and overcome, improvise and revise their willful exercise of freedom to rise above stupidity. Shunning notoriety, warriors aspire to be well-differentiated self-actualized sages of independence and humble solitude. The senseless enticements of misguided speculations remain boring in the snoring distraction of useless misdirection. Each, on his or her own terms, decides the most prudent course of action.

Such insight comes from life-long education, training, experience, pain and suffering, and many other factors that relate to hard work, duty, discipline and intuitive self-evolution. Without pain, warriors understand there is very little to be learned unless one appreciates the suffering. Different times and places for different minds and faces, only a few will understand the basis for a sense of morality that evolves from the imaginative and creative processes of ethical contemplation. What some say is normal, the warrior understand such things are subjective.

As others proclaim things to be abnormal, taboo and forbidden, the warrior enjoys the adventure of discovery. Thinking patterns change throughout the self-evolving dedication of personal detection as they must. Lazy, fat, bloated, gluttonous, consumption orientations to the superficialities offered by the "infotainment" industry, and bloated circus-like consumerism, offer little in the forms and images necessary to insight for personal liberation. Sissified parasitic reliance on others by intentional means of willful cowardice hastens the loss of individuality and invites eventual extinction. Most aspects remain tainted by the sordid depths of human nature and the potential for maladaptive behaviors, for which all are potentially susceptible.

Regardless of virtuous intents, there are continuous seductions. Morality suffers complicity with the narrow minded rigidity of conventional conformity. In the individual warrior’s travels, he or she seek the individuation of liberated ideation. Naked in the self-confidence of personality for the differentiation of selflessness demands the toughness of ongoing training.

Not even the most pious of priestly personalities, nor the seemingly worshipful gurus of "all knowing" celebrity status, or even the pompous proselytes of supernatural revelation, have any answers of worth or value. No one knows much about anything, and self-reliance is more vital than herded conformity to the oppressions of power, control and manipulation. For the majority of close encounters with others, many will be primal, unevolving and infantile in their simplistic interactions. Individuality is the value in the fight to become an evolved free spirit to ensure the greater good by improving oneself in persistent self-transformation. For the few who resist and fight back, the eventuality is a futile preoccupation that hope springs eternal.

Beware of the fakes, frauds and fools, they desire the power, control and domination over the many by the promotion of diverse forms of modern day slavery. The weak, the timid, the unaware and the foolish, desire to bear the trickeries of manufactured consent. While many deceive others, most likewise, create deceptions for themselves. Perpetuation of myth, magic and metaphor willfully contrive to avoid the harsh reality of eventual finality. One generation folds into another, and by purposeful ignorance forgets the valiant victories of the past, and the zealousness of wiser ascensions. Reflections of bygone eras in which battles were bravely one, to overcome the adversity of convention, conformity and consensus.

Each knows what he or she does, for the sake of personal gratification in the multi-levels of human thinking. No knows what another knows, yet many pretend to know otherwise. But, nonetheless, the foolish continue the pretentions to know one is fooling the other. And, along the way, in the wake of infantile narcissistic regression, each understands he or she fools himself or herself by trying to fool others. For everyone there is a selfish personal point of view, and it links to the mythology of human deceptions by cannon, dogma and doctrine. Ideological extremes, fixed in the permanency of contrived illusion commit all manner of evil. Easily, the flock is fleeced by the willful submission of the less evolved for the satiation of amative proclivities.

From the time humans came into being, and no one knows with either why or how, the mysterious nature of selfishness has neither diminished nor transformed. From a burst of spontaneous creation by cosmic forces, inbreeding among competitive species variations, or alien transmutations, the human species has not changed in terms of extraordinary transformation. Instead, the manifestations of human degradations spanned the centuries. With the defects of the unknowable darkness, the deprivations of ignorance, oppression and prejudice did not dissipate. A diversity of perpetrations continue in different of power and control.

Decency argues the sad defect of its probity. Integrity stumbles in the process, enters the mental waiting room and conjures all manner of sleight of hand trickery. In small portions and valiant eccentricities, a few fight the good fight and embrace the hero’s quest. Yet, most regress and accept devolving stupidity in order to escape responsibility for their accountability. While virtue longs for the principles of ethical foundations, of serious codes of conduct and profound oaths of honor, many flounder in their self-imposed victimization and false sense of entitlement.

Much rests on the freedom of unabashed individuality for the amative prowess of personal liberation. Yet, every day, more and more acquiesce to the submissiveness of enslavement in one form or another. Most would gladly surrender their virtuous fortitudes for salacious rapture of safe mediocrity and gluttonous consumption. Such is only the shortsighted well-trod passage of frequent mundane mythologies. It is merely the short path. Not the long dangerous one. Where wooded fringes of malevolence lie in wait. The weak, timid and meek, pursue the safe course. They accept without question errors of thinking, magical imaginings, based on fallacies of inference. They hunger for someone else’s conception of canonized causality.

Probably more dangerous than foolish politicians, are the pontifications of myth, magic and metaphor in simplistic claims of causation that conjure up from the unhallowed halls of academia. In the arrogant pretentions of the pseudosciences, hiding behind the mask of academic relevance, the perpetration of specious assertions parade illusions as scientific fact. Enticements to beliefs are as many as one might count. Shouldn’t a healthy sense of skepticism apply in all cases?

By contrived consensus and enforced conformity, through every outlet of infotainment, plus the witless superficiality of edutainment, to silence passage in suppression of individual differentiation, invites the willful succumbing to herded bondage. Prejudice is allowed to sow its deadly seeds of dissent without recourse by various displays of stupidity. Cultic collusion clouds the consciousness by easy acceptance of endless consumerism to cloak the reality of hierarchal disparity. To be a distinct, exceptional and a credible person, self-reliance rests upon critical analysis of every thought, followed by vigilant and well-defined action.

The skill-set requires a tactical mindset, a warrior’s duty, discipline and sweat drench determination. One that embraces the rationality of objective creativity that questions everything in rational ways. Such logical intent demands constant education tempered by real world experience. Always learning and assessing by intelligent efforts, and especially in the balanced evaluation of personal motives, the effort requires knowing individual temperament.

Regardless, for the superficial reference point, in time and place and personality, the 80% rule of complacent stupidity rages across every segment of society. An 80/20 split, based on associated research, experience and long term observation, not highly scientific, but explanatory as to the range of social devolution. About 20% of the population will try to self-evolve. The rest, the majority will do the opposite. Most will not strive to become well-differentiated transformative distinctions of the original imperfect self. As such, there are complex reasons.

From power to potency, many strive for eternal recognition and validation of their limited and complacent perspectives. Self-indulgence presses the insistence of consumption instead of courageous self-determination. Status quo is the punishment of the many for the eccentricities of the few who dare rebel against the contrived consensus. Sameness, one size fits all, surreal is the real, truth decays as fiction shuns the facts. In his or her, whatever the form of resistance, the wise warrior of sage of understanding sees through that façade. The 20% fight on.

Of ethics, morals and principles for guidance, by neither specious dogma nor supernatural doctrine, the warrior contends with his or her intensity of introspection. For him or her, the awakening comes in the potency of sexual liberation. It is the spiritual power of energetic growth, maturity and revelation among many attributes. In retaliation, the cowardly conforming dissensions, stemming from the ghostly hauntings of occultic oppressions, strive by devious means to stifle the ascendency to higher realms of ideation and liberated physicality.

Whatever the conspired and contrived forbidden fruit, the sensuality remains persistent. It is the psycho-bio imperative of innovative intentions to achieve emancipation from the bondage of communal enslavement. In the taking of advantage of one over the other, often technology is the tool of the many forms of modern day slavery. Yet, in reality, the adherent, the proselyte, the follower, and the consumer willingly surrender to their bondage.

For the satiation of amative proclivities at primal levels of regression, the 80% hasten the extinction of the species, and the deterioration of the civilization. Narcissistic, juvenile and selfish, the upper reaches of social climbing, fight to keep their decadence of complacency. Dusty beliefs of ancient allegory frame the misguided notions of faulty values. Literalisms cloud the towers of ideology and creativity suffers the devolution of intentional neglect. Especially when those beliefs are tainted with hidden motives. Secret agendas always pervade the sensory array of mortal beings. As dust returns to dusty realms, energy transforms to the next passage of time. Matter becomes something else to feed and fester in the expediency of social decomposition.

Ideation runs wild in the wilderness of personal delights for the search of self-differentiation. The person quest is an adventure, sometimes called the hero’s journey, yet highly personal. So many noises, voices and distractions, raise the volume of finding that special plateau of content. Endless searching for the stability of each movement of thought, holding the leveled balance between the opposing virtues, the warrior strives to put it all in perspective. Goodness and badness growing on the tentacles of ever reaching troubled appendages offer options.

In this effort, where few dare to transform, being alone is not being lonely. It is an act of liberation to be different and unique among many. Being still for a moment, assessing the intensity of insight, is the sound of thought that echo the essence of wiser possibilities. Ascending rather than descending challenges every aspect of the senses in persistent ways. There is the demand of serious responsibility, and humility in accountability. The associated terrors of profound honesty frightens the timid and cowardly. As intentions falter, liability demands redress.

Trustworthiness is essential in the noble bearing of the warrior. For those distracted and fixed on the simplistic notions of "warrior hood", a definable and understandable perspective become unknowable. As such, the way of the warrior, actual and surreal, or metaphorical, addresses precepts of an ethical code that enriches the morality of correct behaviors. Knightly attributes propel the push to move on and accomplish the mission. In that, it the essentiality for credence in the root of creativity. Imagination stimulates the ingenuity. Innovation goes beyond the limitations of simply consuming. Belief from this point of view is action oriented.

From mental, physical, and spiritual unity, the warrior does not relent from pursuing his or her quest. Not to stand by passively, but by urged to action, for working out the sensuality of inner prurience in potently proactive ways. This is the source of the motivation, amative instigation of willful transition. The libidinous forces firing up the propulsion to activities. The depths of which span the multi-dimensional complexity of thought. Those inner powers of realms beyond the senses, surging to explore, discover and inspire the quest. As to any claim of spirituality, such is in the conception of the individual, for his or her private individuation.

Sometimes, however, it is not always easy to maintain the vigilance necessary to stay at peace with oneself. Others are fearful. The edge is a spiked precipice upon which to stand. Razor sharp is the bladed angle of the cut. Ethical precepts waiver. The onset of psychic irritations manifests resentful ideations. This in turn challenges the peaceful resonance for risk avoidance. That is to say, going to war over the affront may or may not be the prudent course of action.

In most cases, haters will hate, clowns will play pranks, and the stupid will believe anything. Only a few of the valiant ones will become rebels in their rebellion against the oligarchs of manufacture consent and fattened consumerism for materialistic gain. Regardless, the challenge stems from perceptions of assumed beliefs absent any effort at creative transformation. In the wonderment of human potential, regret considers the gross lack of creativity among the most potentially creative creatures sometimes call the human species.

For many will boast of their talents, skills and special knowledge, yet they remain incompetent by their cowardice. Embarrassed by differences, sucking up to their meekness, many will labor upon their weaknesses. In addition, perceiving certain shortcomings by way of self-ideations, most reflect the mirrored images of their illusions. There can be errors in thinking and fallacies of logic, but the risk in the adventure is making a decision. Choices are acts of freedom.

Liberation from the oppression of status quo consensus, invites the moral degradation of terminal damnation. As the mind runs interference for the brain, it knows it doesn’t really exist. Mindful things are the cover story for cerebral energies freely creative. Of this, deceptions can misdirect the intentions. Beliefs construct absolute rules that falter in the warfare of collective competitions. The so-called "going by the book" tactic, or claims of ancient dogma, slips to the dustbin of useless possessions when reality invites differentiation out of the darkness.

Ethical precepts manifest over time and experience, maturity and wisdom, and at the heart of it all is the power of imagination. More often than not, inventiveness serves the real fixation of exploitation or excitation beyond the commonplace. Moreover, for this, the quest is unfulfilled until there is active engagement in the labored strokes that provoke the achievement of the mind’s transformation in face of poignant perceptions. Ascendency is hard work.

In order to execute the motives, adequate data is essential as facts override the foolishness of subjective validation. Warriors are prone to action-oriented behaviors, shunning the things deemed foolhardy and juvenile. Growing up, getting beyond oneself, avoiding selfishness is timely. The brain needs information for the mind to image the possibilities of its illusions. Decision-making arrives at crucial intersections. Yet, so many influences attack the cerebral conceptions. Offering the probability of roadblocks. In the process, as reality meets the darkened recesses of thought, no light shines. Internally, darkness clings to those nebulous regions of caverns where absolute certainty strives to ensure correct action. Inside the networks, the senses signal impulses to be interpreted at high rates of speed, while figments of imagination contend for ingenuity.

In the abyss of personal proclivities, what is true, false and irrelevant? And what is the truth and who do you trust? While the warrior strives to avoid judgment upon anyone, or anything, the essence of belief is the ongoing individuation of self-reliance. Warriors test all thing and prove the viability of any proclaimed truth. Trusting is tenuous at best, because eventually, with few exceptions, most others will betray the warrior and his or her group, in order to satiate the amative desires of the selfish and the greedy. Others do not mature as warriors do.

Daily, the valiant ones strive for personal ascension and work hard to strengthen neural wavelengths, to pave imaginative ideated pathways. Laborious, the never ending process of serious thinking remains a complex life long effort. Sometimes, misinterpretations challenge the core set of personal beliefs. Anthropomorphic preoccupations created gods and goddesses from imagined fantasies. But, the magical thinking of oversimplification is controlled for sake of transformed maturation. While most people remain children inside adult bodies, the brave ones move on.

As to that, fictions and fairy tales misguide so many and promulgate myriad misconceptions about the nature of reality. Fables confound the social mainstream with simplistic obsessions for the illogic of pretentious fabrications. While allegory tells stories of myth and magic, the metaphorical implications are frequently lost in the scramble of intentional ignorance. In time, pseudo-sciences trick the multitudes with faulty conclusions based on hasty generalizations. Whole belief systems, and particularly material gain, are built upon the perpetration of unscientific claims. Literal fascinations divert the search for knowledge and wisdom.

For the warrior, the fight goes on for truthful believability in oneself, in order to become a better version of the original self. An independent, well-differentiated life values self-liberation, as opposed to the mythology of communal conformity. Pervasive is the illusion of absolutes, as espoused in the pseudosciences. Against which, warriors are committed to the battle the confrontations with stupidity and the subsequent failures of critical thinking. They know imagination is monumental in the conception and exploration of multi-dimensional realities.

Along the timeline of limited mortality for the learning of profane morality, uselessness hides behind the illusion of self-worth. While some boast that their lives matter, in the end, no lives matter. For instantly, in the devolution of the termination of existence, hope no longer springs eternal. Wakes never awaken the dead. No ritual or vigil raises the life from the darkness of Necrospace, land of the dead. Monuments could care less, nameplates even more so. In the present, part of the challenge is transformation in a life-long process of self-evolution.

Flags may wave at half mast, or half-staff, eulogies may praise from hidden intentions of hypocrisy, and yet, the results are still the same. No one comes back, and in time, memories fade into the same darkness. Still thought for the present, the warrior-knight chases the basis of his or her internal perceptions for the enrichment of evolved morality. His or her character, or the nature of individual personality, searches the disposition of temperament. By rebellious liberation of thought and action, the knight searches each night for that which is right.

In the process of evolving, the inner divine principle of each considers the spiritual element within, given the depth of psychic energies. Nature asks for quality of life in self-evolution by strength and potency of profound selflessness. Nevertheless, youth needs time to move beyond itself and mature by experience, growth and higher states of enlightened change. No greater challenge nor mission exists than the transition to a better version of oneself. Again, most will not go on their quest of self-discovery, as stupidity works willingly with immaturity, egoistic intentions and antagonistic condescension toward others.

Prudence, on the other hand, the uncommon valor of common sense, seeks the balance between the nature and nurture. Choices are made in premeditation, with forethought, malevolent or productive, creative or destructive, empathetic or antagonistic. Self-proclaimed idiocy is more often chosen on the path of least resistance. Trouble-free foolishness prefers the company of simplistic speculations for the safety of consensus and conformity.

By extraordinary acts of free will, the warrior initiates the potent salacious energies that drive the forces of creative fruition for the achievement of wiser sensory awareness. Education and training in life’s consequences opens the pages of the individual’s experiences to the inner knowledge of self-evolution. To want to know is to strive to learn each moment. As such, it takes courage to believe on one’s own liberated potency, through independent processes of inquiry. What are the facts? Does the evidence show the way to the truth? Is there deception? Bias, prejudice, hidden agenda? Valor comes in the mission of freedom of spiritual development.

In personal liberation, it is the revolution within, the rebellious self-evolved nature that seeks to break the hold of communal slavery. Servitude is reconciled as to the utilitarian principles of the greatest good, but not for the exaltation of any oligarch or ruler. For the unbinding, or unbounding process breaks the allegiance to any ideological extreme, or for the sake of the oppressive continuity of consensus. Such a quest is done in the fortitude of an enlightened ascension of expounding intellectual processes beyond the restraint of selfishness.

Take nudity for instance, or what some benignly call naturism, even naturalism, as an act of non-conforming resistance. Bravely comes in many forms. Baring oneself is an act of rebellion against conventional oppression. As an example, of social non-compliance the valor of physical self-disclosure asserts personal liberation and defiance of enslaved consensus. To be boldly nude without remorse or regret exposes the self to an uninhibited form of freedom. It is an ascension to a different state of consciousness. Unfortunately, emotionally immature reactivity foments the terrors of communal retribution to such acts of individuation to status quo constraints.

Randy Gonzalez is a retired law enforcement professional, college professor and author.

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